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Friday, July 07, 2006

He's a Great Guy, But...

For the love of God, please lose the sunglasses and hat.

It looks like Jim Webb is in hiding from the camera guys that George Allen has tailing him. It seems offputting to me, for one, that Webb looks like he's avoiding people seeing him, or looking people in the eye.

I don't know about you all, but when someone asks for my vote, I would like to be able to pick them out of a lineup at a later date.

So, again, if the Webb campaign is reading this, please lose the sunglasses and hat. It doesn't do anything for your candidate.



Anonymous said...

well, he's a red head and you know what that means. Sunlight burns like hell both to their skin and their eyes.

Arturo said...

What is so wrong with sunglasses? Why are so many people commenting on Jim's sunglasses? I am dark skinned with dark hair, from Latin America. When the sun is out, I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. AND I wear a hat because my dark hair gets very hot in the sun. Nothing wrong with that!

Stomp Allen said...

I think he looks great. USA flag on the hat. More people should protect themeselves from the sun -- Especially if you're Scots-Irish like he is. (ever see the skin cancer rates for that ethnic group?)(and how many outdoor events did he do that day? 3? 4?)