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Saturday, February 26, 2005

2005 Governor's Race Gets Interesting

Forget about your old, boring, 2 man race in Virginia. There are right now FIVE candidates for Governor; Republicans Jerry Kilgore and George Fitch, Democrat Tim Kaine, Green Shirley Harvey, and "Independent Republican" Russell Potts. Potts jumped into the race Friday morning. Kilgore's campaign immediatly went on the defensive and said Potts has "strayed away" from the GOP a long time ago. Potts is considered left of center. Here's how it breaks down:
George Fitch: VERY Far-right Conservative (i.e. freeze all state spending INCLUDING EDUCATION AND LAW ENFORCEMENT until budget is balanced)
Jerry Kilgore: Far-right Conservative (i.e. if a jury returns a life in prison sentence a judge could throw it out and order the death penalty)
Russ Potts: Moderate/Left-of-Center (i.e. support tax increases to foot the bill for education and environmental funding)
Tim Kaine: Liberal/Moderate (i.e. ban partial birth abortion in Virginia, and properly fund VDOT to shorten length of construction project times)
Shirley Harvey: Far-left Liberal (i.e. Outlaw the use of ALL firearms in the Commonwealth of Virginia)
I have met both Lt. Governor Kaine and Attorney General Kilgore, and I have sat and talked to both for 45 minutes or an hour each. I noticed that Tim Kaine was a jovial person and a good talker, but I noticed something about Jerry Kilgore (and I taped our conversation, but he knew I was recording it) that apparently other people have noticed. I'll cut-and-paste from; the man who wrote this apparently noticed it too:
----"Kilgore has very, very rarely spoken in public on the record, at least under circumstances where his voice can be recorded for broadcast. There is one simple reason for this: Jerry Kilgore is very, very effeminate. People hearing him speak for the first time are often shocked, to the point at which they don't even pay attention to what he's saying, because it seems so very obvious that he's a gay man. I can't say whether he's gay or not, but I can say that he exhibits all of the stereotypical traits of an effeminate gay man, and that will not play well in Virginia. The media have picked up on this, with the Staunton News Leader referring to "the `Ned Flanders meets Mr. Rogers' whine that passes for Kilgore's voice," and the Hampton Roads Daily Press saying that Kilgore "left the appearance of being a little, well, French." Papers have been reluctant to come right out and say it -- though that's changing -- in part because it's just so obvious. It would be as if a candidate had a huge, hairy mole sprouting out of the tip of their nose, such that anybody seeing him could think only of that. What's to say?"---
Hey, I'm just sayin...
Well, I'm ready to go now, but before I do, congratulations to the Wichita, Kansas Police Department for catching the BTK killer! A job well done.
I'm off.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Three New Open Offices Come November 3rd, 2006

New polls shine hope into the heart of Senator Harry Reid to become Majority Leader. A poll conducted by Emerson College shows that outgoing Virginia Governor Mark Warner (D) would defeat incumbent Senator George Allen (R) by a 48%-41% vote, if the election were held today. Warner hasn't signaled his intentions yet, and some believe he may pass to go for a 2008 national run. A Brown University poll shows Senator Lincoln Chafee (R), an extreme liberal who very seldom sides with his party, is polling only 27% against Congressman Jim Langevin (D), and only 33% against Secretary of State Matt Brown. In Pennsylvania, a Quinnipiac poll shows that Senator Rick "Man-On-Dog" Santorum (R), a Conservatve idealogue and possible 2008 Presidential candidate, would be defeated by a 46%-41% vote against State Treasurer Bob Casey, Jr. (D).
Well, hate to make it so short, but "King of the Hill" is on, and I ain't a-gonna miss it.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Let's Make A New National Holiday

Having watched the Grammys Sunday night, buying his "Genius of Soul Live" CD Monday night, and re-watching his biographical movie Ray over the past two evenings, I think that there should be a Ray Charles Day. It wouldn't have to be an every-year event, just one year. Ray Charles was one of the most recognizable faces in history. I rank him right along with Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and, for better or for worse, George W. Bush as one of the most widely recognized people ever. Just my opinion. Now, here's my update..
Rumors have been flying all over Washington that if and when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld resigns (expect that within 6 months, by the way), President Bush will name Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut to replace him. Lieberman is a moderate, and disagrees with the President on several key issues, including abortion, Social Security, and the Iraqi War. Of course, there were previoudly rumors that Lieberman would be Education Secretary, Energy Secretary, Homeland Security Secretary, etc. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
President Bush nominated U.S. Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte to be his new National Intelligence Director today, coming only one day after leading Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller (WV) criticized the President for not making an appointment.
I don't know what to think about the reporter scandal that has been dogging the White House. This guy, who works for a pro-Republican news website, got a press pass to the Press Core under an assumed name...AN ASSUMED NAME...and asked the President only softball questions to make him look good. Now it comes out that the reporter is some kind of gay porn star on the internet. Talk about those Republican moral values.
The President's approval ratings have fallen to 46%, a low he hadn't attained since before 9-11. He has an even lower approval rating among those 65+. The president reportedly has a 39% approval rating with them. Not good, Dubya. Not good.
That's it for now. Out to lunch. Smells I hope not..

Monday, February 14, 2005

Tennessee Senate and Other Stuff

An instrument playing Governor of Arkansas, a "Man from Hope" running for President...Sound familiar? If you're thinking Bill Clinton, you're wrong. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R), who went to High School with Clinton, is preparing to run for the GOP nomination in 2008. More on this later.
Hold on to your seats, boys, it's gonna be a long ride...
Here's the potential candidates for the U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee that Senator Bill Frist (R) is likely to vacate in 2006.
1)--Bob Corker (R)-Corker is the longtime mayor of Chattanooga. He ran against Bill Frist, then an unknown, in the 1994 GOP Primary to face incumbent Senator Jim Sasser (D). Corker should do well in Northeast Tennessee and the Chattanooga area, but he's otherwise unknown, since most Tennesseeans have long forgotten his name from 1994.
2)--Ed Bryant (R)-Bryant ran a Conservative campaign in the 2002 Senate primary against moderate former Governor Lamar Alexander. Bryant lost, and has since been waiting in the wings for his next chance. Bryant, who represented Tennessee's 7th Congressional District until he gave up his seat in 2002, should do well in the areas just west of Nashville all the way down to the Mississippi border (the extent of his old district). Remember, this is Tennessee; the state uses Gerrymandering to draw districts favorable to incumbents.
3)--Beth Harwell (R)-Harwell is a State Senator representing part of Nashville (the rich suburbs). I honestly don't know very much about her, except that she is not known well enough state-wide for a Senate run, and she definitly won't win in Nashville.
4)--Van Hilleary (R)-Hilleary is the man who ran against Phil Bredesen (D) in 2002 for Governor, and had his butt handed to him. Hilleary represented the huge, sprawling 4th District until his run. The district stretches from Campbell County on the Kentucky border to Lawrence County way down on the Mississippi border. Hilleary should do well in this area, as well as extreme Northeast Tennessee (Bristol, Kingsport, etc.), seeing as how he just barely squeaked by in his own district in 2002, but crushed Bredesen in Bristol.
5)--Harold Ford (D)-Ford is the only announced Democrat running thus far (although more may follow). Ford has represented Memphis (the 9th district) since 1996, when he was just old enough to serve in Congress. Ford, an African American, should do well in heavily black southwest Tennessee, as well as Nashville and Johnson City, where he is polling 60% against any potential opponent.
Several other potential candidates have been floated, including: Governor Phil Bredesen (D), Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell (D), former Vice President Al Gore (D), and former Congressman Bob Clement (D). Most, if not all of these men will stay out to show solidarity behind Ford.
This should be a close and exciting race.
Out to lunch.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The New Loser's Waltz

Morning all!
Here's the news...
Freshman Senator Mark Dayton (D) has announced he won't seek re-election to a second term in 2006. He was considered very vulnerable had he ran. This is the same unpredictable guy who closed his office for no apparent reason due to his fear of a terrorist attack. Some of the potential candidates are: Radio personality Al Franken (DFL), sons of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, Mark Wellston (DFL) and David Wellstone (DFL), former Senator Rod Grams (R), Congressman Mark Kennedy (R), and former Senator Dean Barkley (IP). And, if none of them want to run, one Hubert Humphrey's relatives could always run for it (i.e. Hubery Humphrey 4th, or Hubert the 5th). This race will definitly be close and definitly be interesting.
Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson (R) who recently resigned from President Bush's cabinet, has announced he may challenge Governor Jim Doyle (D) in 2006 to regain the job he once held. Thompson is the state's most popular politician, and would be the favored candidate.
Senator Herb Kohl (D), the multimillionare owner of the Kohl's Line of stores, is considering retirement rather than run for a 4th term. Kohl, who has been rumored to be gay, has said he doesn't like the intrusion on his personal life. If Kohl does retire, look for former Congressman Mark Neumann (R) to be the GOP standardbearer, and Secretary of State Doug LaFollette (D) to run for the Dems. LaFollette will definitly be the favored candidate here.
There is word floating around that Strom Thurmond, Jr., son of the late Senator Strom Thurmond, is preparing to run for SC Attorney a Democrat. How awesome.
I called this entry the new Loser's Waltz as a play on an old country song I know called "The last Cheater's Waltz." What I'm talking about here is, who, in recent memory, ran for President once, then came back, ran again, and won? Here's my list..
1952-Adlai Stevenson (D)--Ran again in 1956. LOSS
1968-Hubery Humphrey (D)--Ran in Primary in 1972. LOSS
1972-George McGovern (D)--Ran in Primary in 1984. LOSS
1976-Gerald Ford (R)--Almost picked as VP nominee in 1980. LOST THAT
2000-Al Gore (D)--Almost ran again in 2004. DID HE LOSE IN 2000?
2004-John Kerry (D)--What wil 2008 hold for him?
To my knowledge, the only one in modern history was 1960, when then VP Richard Nixon went down in defeat against Sen. John Kennedy, then came back in 1968 to defeat Sen. Hubert Humphrey. Maybe that's the key, Senator Kerry...lay out until 2012?
Okay, here's a random list..
My 10 Favorite Presidents. (Notice It Is Bipartisan)
1--Franklin D. Roosevelt (D)
2--Ronald Reagan (R)
3--John F. Kennedy (D)
4--Dwight D. Eisenhower (R)
5--Bill Clinton (D)
6--Grover Cleveland (D)
7--Rutherford B. Hayes (R)
8--Richard M. Nixon (R)
9--Lyndon B. Johnson (D)
10-Chester A. Arthur (R)
The analysis on the 2006 Senate race in TN is coming soon; I'm writing it tonight.
Here's a random piece of knowledge...did you know many people believe John Denver was an Army Sniper in the Vietnam war? They believe his song, "Sunshine on My Shoulder" is about his rifle, which he has nicknamed Sunshine.

Ok, off to lunch. Praying for fried chicken.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

State Race Updates

First-term incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) is up for re-election in 2006. Today, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard announced he will run in the GOP primary to face Stabenow. Also, word is that former Senator and former Enery Secretary Spenecer Abraham's (the man whom Stabenow defeated in 2000) wife, Jane Abraham, is considering running against the Democrat. This race should be very close due to Stabenow's anemic 49% approval rating.
Evangelical Conservative Ralph Reed, formerly of the Christian Coalition and Bob Dole's failed 96 run for the White House, has announced he will be a 2006 Republican candidate for Georgia Lt. Governor. Reed will likely face 2004 Democratic Senate nominee and former Congresswoman Denise Majette. Look for Reed to win by at least 10%.
With Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R) likely to retire in 2006 to focus on the White House in 2008, several Republicans are lining up to run for his seat; Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, former Congressmen Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary, and Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker. The Demcrats, on the other hand, have thus far fielded only Congressman Harold Ford of Memphis, although many expect Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell to throw his hat in to the ring too. I was born in Northeast Tennessee, so I'm very interested in this race. My candidate will be Congressman Ford, and I truly hope that Mayor Purcell stays out of this race and instead run in 2008 against Senator Alexander.
I'll go into much more detail about the TN Senate seat later, but now, I'm headed to lunch.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Hey, It's Been A While

Former President Bill Clinton, who, in recent months has made Paris Hilton look camera-shy, is preparing to run for United Nations Secretary General should Kofi Annan resign. Former NC Senator Jesse Helms (R) is lobbying against Clinton's candidacy, saying Clinton would "Mess up the whole world." Well, I for one think that Bill Clinton will make an excellent UN Secretary General. What do you think?
AG Jerry Kilgore's resignation to run for Governor in November became official on the 3rd of February. Kilgore appointed Lee County attorney Judith W. Jagdmann (R) as his succesor. Jagdmann becomes Virginia's 43rd Attorney General, and the first female.
Actor George Clooney, who's father, Nick, lost a 2004 race for U.S. Congress, is considering running for office himself. Clooney would run in his native Kentucky. His name has been floated for Congress against incumbent Geoff Davis (R-4th district), the man who beat his father, or for Governor in 2007 against incumbent Republican Ernie Fletcher. This would be sure to be a high-profile race with national attention.
With all the other high-level oppopnents dropping out, Governor Howard Dean is now assured his place as Democratic Party Chairman after the DNC meets February 12th. Dean will likely try to take the party to the left on the war and economic issues, while steering it toward the middle on social issues. Sounds good to me.
That's all for now. Time for lunch.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

First Day of The Rest Of Your Life...

Or "First Day of February"...whichever sounds better.
Senator Hillary Clinton passed out on January 31st from a stomach virus. Best get well wishes to her!
Wellington Webb (CO) dropped out and endorsed Dean. Remember the big state party chair endorsement Donnie Fowler got yesterday? Yeah, well, they retracted it and gave it to Dean. Darnit. It's becoming inevitable that Howard Dean will be the next leader of our party. Oh well, at least he won't be running for President in 2008.
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romeny (R), the son of failed 1968 GOP candidate George Romney (R-MI) is making moves to run for his party's nomination in 2008. Romney has set up a PAC (political action committee) to raise money for local GOP candidates across the nation; Here's a list of contributions so far:
South Carolina--$43,000
(Other includes Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Ohio)
Romney is scheduled to speak before the Spartanburg County, S.C., Republican Party on Feb 21, and in the spring, he will be the keynote speaker at the Michigan state Senate's annual dinner. Romney spoke to the Arizona Republican state convention last year and traveled to Iowa in October.
Off to lunch, then to Lebanon at 3!!
Pray for us...we need all the help we can get!