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Monday, February 07, 2005

Hey, It's Been A While

Former President Bill Clinton, who, in recent months has made Paris Hilton look camera-shy, is preparing to run for United Nations Secretary General should Kofi Annan resign. Former NC Senator Jesse Helms (R) is lobbying against Clinton's candidacy, saying Clinton would "Mess up the whole world." Well, I for one think that Bill Clinton will make an excellent UN Secretary General. What do you think?
AG Jerry Kilgore's resignation to run for Governor in November became official on the 3rd of February. Kilgore appointed Lee County attorney Judith W. Jagdmann (R) as his succesor. Jagdmann becomes Virginia's 43rd Attorney General, and the first female.
Actor George Clooney, who's father, Nick, lost a 2004 race for U.S. Congress, is considering running for office himself. Clooney would run in his native Kentucky. His name has been floated for Congress against incumbent Geoff Davis (R-4th district), the man who beat his father, or for Governor in 2007 against incumbent Republican Ernie Fletcher. This would be sure to be a high-profile race with national attention.
With all the other high-level oppopnents dropping out, Governor Howard Dean is now assured his place as Democratic Party Chairman after the DNC meets February 12th. Dean will likely try to take the party to the left on the war and economic issues, while steering it toward the middle on social issues. Sounds good to me.
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