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Saturday, February 26, 2005

2005 Governor's Race Gets Interesting

Forget about your old, boring, 2 man race in Virginia. There are right now FIVE candidates for Governor; Republicans Jerry Kilgore and George Fitch, Democrat Tim Kaine, Green Shirley Harvey, and "Independent Republican" Russell Potts. Potts jumped into the race Friday morning. Kilgore's campaign immediatly went on the defensive and said Potts has "strayed away" from the GOP a long time ago. Potts is considered left of center. Here's how it breaks down:
George Fitch: VERY Far-right Conservative (i.e. freeze all state spending INCLUDING EDUCATION AND LAW ENFORCEMENT until budget is balanced)
Jerry Kilgore: Far-right Conservative (i.e. if a jury returns a life in prison sentence a judge could throw it out and order the death penalty)
Russ Potts: Moderate/Left-of-Center (i.e. support tax increases to foot the bill for education and environmental funding)
Tim Kaine: Liberal/Moderate (i.e. ban partial birth abortion in Virginia, and properly fund VDOT to shorten length of construction project times)
Shirley Harvey: Far-left Liberal (i.e. Outlaw the use of ALL firearms in the Commonwealth of Virginia)
I have met both Lt. Governor Kaine and Attorney General Kilgore, and I have sat and talked to both for 45 minutes or an hour each. I noticed that Tim Kaine was a jovial person and a good talker, but I noticed something about Jerry Kilgore (and I taped our conversation, but he knew I was recording it) that apparently other people have noticed. I'll cut-and-paste from; the man who wrote this apparently noticed it too:
----"Kilgore has very, very rarely spoken in public on the record, at least under circumstances where his voice can be recorded for broadcast. There is one simple reason for this: Jerry Kilgore is very, very effeminate. People hearing him speak for the first time are often shocked, to the point at which they don't even pay attention to what he's saying, because it seems so very obvious that he's a gay man. I can't say whether he's gay or not, but I can say that he exhibits all of the stereotypical traits of an effeminate gay man, and that will not play well in Virginia. The media have picked up on this, with the Staunton News Leader referring to "the `Ned Flanders meets Mr. Rogers' whine that passes for Kilgore's voice," and the Hampton Roads Daily Press saying that Kilgore "left the appearance of being a little, well, French." Papers have been reluctant to come right out and say it -- though that's changing -- in part because it's just so obvious. It would be as if a candidate had a huge, hairy mole sprouting out of the tip of their nose, such that anybody seeing him could think only of that. What's to say?"---
Hey, I'm just sayin...
Well, I'm ready to go now, but before I do, congratulations to the Wichita, Kansas Police Department for catching the BTK killer! A job well done.
I'm off.

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