Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will one day be the majority. - William Jennings Bryan

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Huge Endorsement For Webb

Tonight, word came down that former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne is endorsing Jim Webb for the U.S. Senate. This is big.

I've probably mentioned this before, but at the beginning of the 2005 LG race, I was a Puckett supporter who switched to Petersen, and, after the primary, supported Byrne. The further into the race we went, the more and more I supported her. She was my favorite of the three statewide candidates in 2005, because not only was she 100% honest and believable, but she was committed to the important issues. Working people, unions, children--she was a voice for the folks who may not be heard on their own. I really, really hope she runs for Governor in 2009. I'd be first to sign up to do anything I could to help her win.

Leslie Byrne endorsing Jim Webb is important because it will (hopefully) silence concerns about Secretary Webb's party affiliation. He is a Democrat. He's the kind of Democrat who can win not only in Fairfax, but in Floyd County, not only in Arlington, but in Abingdon. Also, I hope that Miss Byrne campaigns for Secretary Webb down here in SWVA, particularly Dickenson and Buchanan Counties (where she did very well).

Jim Webb is an honest-to-God progressive populist, and he's the kind of person we need running. I know that. Hopefully, you know that. Obviously, Leslie Byrne knows that.



James E. Martin said...

"She [byrne] was my favorite of the three statewide candidates in 2005." A) Is she the nicest person in the world? B) Did she have an adorable southern accent? C) Did she have a family farm?


Neal said...

She is a very nice person, and, while I'm sure she doesn't have a farm, and I know she doesn't have an accent, she speaks for the folks who do. Miners, farmers, truck drivers.
Economic progressives do very well in Southwest Virginia, all factors being equal.

Not Larry Sabato said...

Neal, I am very impressed with your response to James. Wise beyond your years.