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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just For Fun...

See how this grabs you:

January 12th, 2010; The inauguration of our 71st Governor, after four successful years under Governor Tim Kaine. Among the notables at the after-inauguration party:

Governor Leslie Byrne
Lt Governor L.F. Payne
Attorney General Onzlee Ware
Senior Senator James Webb
Junior Senator Don Beyer


Governor Creigh Deeds
Lt Governor Phillip Puckett
Attorney General Bud Phillips
Senior Senator James Webb
Junior Senator Chap Petersen

And of course, making a special appearance, President Mark Warner. :)

Or mix and match amongst the two. Thoughts?


Not Larry Sabato said...

You'll be platinum soon if you keep saying the magic 3 words....

Politicl.Animal said...

Neal, honestly, your SWVA fixation is humourous.

Win 2007 first, then worry about 2009.

And Onzlee's not running.

Politicl.Animal said...

Ben is a sucker for "Governor Leslie Byrne."

Neal said...

I guess I'm fixated on SWVA because I know the folks, and I know them to be good, honest, able, and capable people who could, any of them, do the job.

And, in regards to 2007, none of the legislators from my area are in any danger whatsoever. Bud Phillips will get 60%-65%, Dan Bowling will get 75%-80%, and Phillip Puckett will get 65% easy.

And, if Onzlee Ware's not running, then he's missing a good chance to go statewide.

I'm a big fan of Byrne in 2009, too. She would be the best candidate to put forth what us progressives believe in.

James E. Martin said...

Well Creigh Deeds will certainly be the next Governor. I also think that a Senator Don Beyer isnt a forgone conclusion. If Leslie got the nomination she would go down in flame becuase of McDonnell's millitary credentials.