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Monday, April 03, 2006

City Elections

It's that time again here in Bristol! City elections are coming up, and we have four candidates for City Council, and four for School Board:

City Council
Douglas Weberling (incumbent - Mayor)
Fred Bowman
Jim Rector
Frank Goodpasture

School Board
Randy White (incumbent)
Virginia Goodson (incumbent)
Ted Castle
Eric Clark

I know Doug Weberling, and I know Randy White. Weberling is an eye doctor here in town that my dad used to go to, and he's a great guy and a great Democrat. Mr. White teaches at my high school and was my 10th grade Spanish teacher. He's a great Democrat, too. My girlfriend's parents know Fred Bowman, and from all I've heard, he's a great guy with a great vision for Bristol.

For each of the offices, three can be elected. So, here are my "endorsements":
City Council:

School Board:

I've noticed that Bowman and Rector have a huge amount of signs around Bristol, Weberling has quite a few, and Goodpasture's signs all seem to be clumped together. White doesn't have up a single sign, Castle has a lot, Clark's signs (quite a few) are a miserable bright orange, and I've only seen one Goodson sign.

Just for the record: When I run for the Council (maybe 2008 or 2010), I intend to make sure I've got plenty of signs, and none will be construction orange. :)


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