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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I got back from the BVDC and watched an Atlanta Braves game (they won..which nearly ruined my day). But about the meeting...

There was probably 15-20 folks there, and we covered the usual stuff - funds, upcoming events, who's sick, who's not, etc. - and we also heard from the new Elections Registrar, Penny Limburg.

I was amused to hear that, when she went to a city high school to speak to government students about voting and being involved in the politcal process, she told them, "There's even an 18 year old on the Democratic Committee, so you wouldn't be alone." Nifty.

I got about 10 signatures, which I guess isn't bad. They only got around to mentioning it at the end, when a few folks had left already. I did find out that the Chairman, Sam Crockett, seems to be for Webb, as is the Vice Chairman (who is very pro-Webb). I also met Brandon Bull, from Rick Boucher's office, and he struck me as a nice guy. (Several other people voiced their support for Webb, by the way)

One thing that bugged me (and I corrected him), was one gentleman who had been solicited for a signature for Harris Miller in Grayson County recently. Miller's people called him a "venture capitalist." Hmm. Sounds much better than "lobbyist", doesn't it? Anyway, the man signed the Webb petition anyway.

I'm going to the Bristol Library in a little while. I'll take my petitions with me, and hopefully finish up with them. If all goes well, they'll be ready to roll tomorrow.


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The Richmond Democrat said...

Great job on the signature drive down there!