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Monday, April 10, 2006

Where Is Baliles?

I'm a big fan of Gerald Baliles. I think he was a great Governor (he was in office when I was born, by the way), and did alot to move our state forward.

So, I'm curious, where is Gerald Baliles in this 2006 Senate primary?

Will he go with the status quo, like (unfortunately) Don Beyer did, or will he go with the candidate who can win the race?

Some other people who I'm curious about:
Douglas Wilder
Tim Kaine
L.F. Payne
Phillip Puckett
Dick Saslaw
Linwood Holton (I'm especially curious if Gov. Holton has switched sides or it it was just a one-shot, family thing)

Anybody know about any of these folks?


Alice said...

I can't believe that Kaine will get involved, as for the others, why not contact them and ask?

Neal said...

Once again, not a bad idea.

Actually, right after I wrote this, that crossed my mind.

So I tried Baliles (he was out of the office), and Holton (I didn't get any answer whatsoever). I'll be working on getting in touch with the others.