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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Webb In Gate City

Tomorrow (actually, today, since it's late), Jim Webb will make a visit to the Homeplace over in Gate City.

I hate to say it, but I can't go.

Up at my school, we have to do the pre-registering for the A.P. test, and, apparently, if I miss school I can't go to the baseball game (school policy). So I'll be in class. All day.

I want to applaude Jim Webb for being the first candidate to come to Southwest Virginia. I've been griping about having him and Miller come down here for quite a while. At least one of them is listening...

I hope Secretary Webb comes back soon, hopefully closer to home (hopefully to speak to our June BVDC meeting--Harris Miller, that means you, too).

I would suggest the new Bristol Library, which has a huge conference room that will hold a couple hundred people, or the Cumberland Park downtown, where John Edwards had a successful townhall meeting in October of 2003. If not that, John S. Battle High School seats 700 or 800 people in a very nice auditorium. As of late, the Republicans have frequented JSB for their rallies (Kilgore, Bolling, McDonnell, Allen, Warner, Earley, Katzen, etc.), so it would be a great change to see some progressives at my alma mater!

I probably won't post anything until Friday, as I have an 8 page, typewritten paper for Psychology class due Thursday (and of course, haven't started on it), and my prom is on Friday (and of course, I haven't bought Megahn's corsage yet). So, I'll see you all on the weekend!


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Dannyboy said...

He'll be in Roanoke, if you're able to make the drive, on Thursday. It's at 5:30, too, so you may not have to miss school. I'll be there, as well as a bunch of Virginia Tech Young Democrats.