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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Petition Gathering

Last night, Justin and I went out around Bristol getting more signatures on the petition for James Webb. We got about 20 or so (which, mind you, is good for Bristol). We went to several businesses (Salsarita's, Quizno's, Courtyard Marriot, Holiday Inn, etc.), and a few houses. One interesting little side note; while we were going to a couple houses, we came one door from going to William Wampler's house. The lady next door said she doubted he would sign, and that "him and Allen are big buddies--they threw spitwads in the State Senate or something."

Some observations:
1-A lot of folks have apparently read Webb's books. I had people say "Isn't he the guy who wrote Fields of Fire/Born Fighting/Emperor's General ?
2-One older lady said, "I've never heard of him, and I usually vote Republican, but I'll sign it anyway since you all seem like you know what you're talking about."
3-Why do people working in Bristol live in Wise and Dickenson counties?
4-Justin can run up steps much better than I can.

We're heading out again in a little while. Wish us luck!



Alice said...

20 signatures is good for any where, well done. I think petitions is the hardest job in politics.

Joe Stanley said...

You guys are great! Thanks again for all of the hard work!!!

The Richmond Democrat said...

Keep going guys! We're in the home stretch!

Brian Patton said...

"3-Why do people working in Bristol live in Wise and Dickenson counties?"

Because Dickenson County is GREAT!!!! :)

Keep up the good work guys.

Adam said...


I began collecting at UVA Wise today and within an hour I had about 20 signitures. You should consider visiting a campus in your area. you will probably only need a visitors pass. its an easy place to collect.

and the reason we work there is because bristol has better job options.

Michael Snook said...

good luck!