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Monday, April 10, 2006


Okay, I don't usually brad about myself or talk about school stuff very often, but I've been meaning to let you all in on this.

I was voted "Most Likely To Succeed." Wow. I didn't see it coming, and, as a matter of fact, when they announced it over the intercom, I was at a loss for words. I was just hoping I could get some minor thing like "Most Courteous."

We have another round of superlative voting in a week or so, and, apparently, I'm nominated for "Most Likely To Be President," "Prettiest Smile," and "Most Likely To Write A Novel." (!!!) Okay, I admit that I'm really hoping to win the first one, and, yeah, I've heard it's a nice smile, but, write a novel? About what? But hey, I've got a great opening for it:
"They say writing the first line of a book is the hardest part. Thank God that's over" - Willie Nelson, The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes

Just for the record, Justin was nominated for "Most Likely To Trip At Graduation," and "Most Likely To Live With Their Parents Until They're 30." I also tried to nominate my girlfriend for all the "Prettiest _____" categories, but Justin kept vetoed it every time.



James E. Martin said...

Congrats! I won most likely to be elected President of the United States (im serious, even though i would never run for president, governor, yes:-))

Neal said...

Well, I intend to run for the City Council in a few years, and I would like to give the House of Delegates or State Senate a shot.

Would I ever run for Governor? Probably. Senator? Definitley. President? I don't know (probably not).

But we're getting the cart before the horse here. :)

Alice said...