Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will one day be the majority. - William Jennings Bryan

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don Beyer Still Rocks

There has been a lot of talk lately about how terrible Don Beyer is. Folks all over the progressive blogosphere are all of a sudden taking potshots at him, and for what?

He's not on our side in this primary, that's all.

Granted, I don't agree with what he said, but, hey, we all have our opinions (It's my opinion that he's wrong, but that's another story). Don Beyer is still one of the best Democrats around, and, once Jim Webb has won this primary, I'm sure he'll support him.

I would like in two years to vote for Don Beyer for the U.S. Senate. Let's not keep taking cheap shots at him until he loses interest in another campaign.

And by the way, how would a Webb-Beyer Senate team sound to you? Sounds like music to my ears...


The Richmond Democrat said...

I'm not knocking Don personally, and he's certainly entitled to his opinion: but he's dead wrong about Harris Miller being the right person to take on George Allen.

With all due respect Mr. Beyer, you are wrong.

Maura in VA said...

Don Beyer is my favorite person in politics, bar none. He is decent, incredibly hardworking, dedicated, humble, tough, and effective. He doesn't deserve the bashing he's gotten from some in the blogosphere for one simple, understandable statement. It's disappointing to see so many Democrats so quick to turn their guns on such a decent person for such an innocuous comment.

Alice said...

I would like in two years to vote for Don Beyer for the U.S. Senate.

Me too.
You won't see me attacking any of the politicians who endorsed Webb; after all, I may be voting for Chap Peterson next year.
One election at a time.

Stomp Allen said...

I think they've turned their guns because of the "insider" comment. Bad comment, good man.

Not Larry Sabato said...

Neal, I have seen no one attack Don. I have seen people attack his comment, and I do think that comment will hurt any future campaign.

Neal said...

I don't know; The Perseverando photoshop picture looked as much an attack on his comment as on him in general.

And we don't need a circular firing squad.

Howling Latina said...

Well let me add my two pennies worth.

If someone is "knocking" what Beyer said, how is that any different than Byer "knocking" Webb?!?

Hey, we're all entitled to our "opinions," including thinly veiled "attacks."

Neal said...

Ideally, nobody should be knocking anybody else. It's counterproductive to the American politcal process. We should be able to win this thing on the positives, and on what we're for. Like I've said, a circular firing squad is absolutely detrimental to this campaign.