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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

BREAKING: DeLay To Resign

According to credible sources, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), who recently lost his Majortiy Leader post, will not only drop his re-election bid but will resign from Congress altogether, sometime in late spring or summer.

On one hand, this is good news for the Congress, because their reputation won't be any more tainted by a member under investigation. On the other hand, I kind of hate to see him go. He was such an easy target to take potshots at.

I can't say for sure yet what this will do to former Congressman Nick Lampson's campaign, but I believe I speak for us all when I say I hope it makes it easier for him to claim this seat for our side.



Madge said...

You go Neal! Your blog is a breath of fresh air for me, as I work at a high school where Democrat is a 4 letter word among the student body. Thank you, thank you! I will sleep easier tonight...!

politicapital said...

i think this pretty much destroys all hope for lampson. we had a good shot at that seat, but only cuz of delay. the houston suburbs are conservative as all hell, lampson may have a small chance, but this isnt the top-10 pickup it was. good luck to mr lampson