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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Republicans I Don't Like

I'm a Democrat, but that doesn't mean I dislike all Republicans. But there are some who I really, really dislike. So, in keeping with my style of stuff, here's a list of the ten Republicans who I dislike the most (I've excluded Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove because they're given, and would just take up space).

1-Ted Stevens (Senator, Alaska) - Stevens has one of the worst tempers of a politician I've ever seen. When he doesn't get his way, he yells, throws veiled insults at his opponents, and, when his beloved ANWR was again defeated, he basically pulled a "You won't have me to kick around anymore," speech, saying that he said goodbye to the Senate that night. And, in a Washington Post article from October of 2005, he said, concerning the "Bridge to Nowhere," "I don't kid people...If the Senate decides to discriminate against our state . . . I will resign from this body." Getting snippy, are we?

2-Pete Domenici (Senator, New Mexico) - Words can't express how I deplore his style of attacks on the Senate floor. Just a while ago on C-SPAN2, Domenici, yelling as loud as he could, attacked Ron Wyden's bill to cut off oil subsidy royalties when oil is above $55 a barrel. After he finished, he didn't even have the respect for a colleague to stay in the room to hear what Wyden had to say in response to him. That's pretty cheap.

3-George Allen (Senator, Virginia) - Our very own Senator Allen makes this list not only because he is ignoring his homestate for the most part to run for President, but he has said things that poorly represent our state on the national stage, about the Civil War, about block grants, and the famous "knock their teeth down their throats" comment. Senator Allen does not represent our values, and needs to be removed from office. That being said, Jim Webb 2006.

4-John McCain (Senator, Arizona) - Everybody talks about how McCain has broad appeal, and how he is moderate on issues enough to attract Democrat votes. Before apparently deciding to run for president in 2008, Senator McCain was a maverick, and did appeal to some Democrats and independents. But, recentley, he has sold out on his beliefs to pander to the far-right Repblicans (a la Jerry Falwell) so that he can garner Bush's base. Apparently, he is just now another standard politican selling-out to gain votes.

5-Jim Gilmore (Former Governor, Virginia) - Talk about a huge tax cut and it's 100% phase out, then don't do it. Talk about how Virginia has only a small defecit, then when your successor is inaugurated, let him find out for himself how huge the defecit really is (1.5 BILLION DOLLARS). Sit around 4 years after leaving office and think about how good a Governor you were, and could be again. Real winner.

OKay, all this being said, I like a lot of Republicans (John Warner, Lincoln Chafee, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, George Voinovich, Russ Potts, etc). But these five people add nothing to the political debate, and, in all reality, probably detract from it.


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Howling Latina said...

Neal, you need to move 'Racist George' to your number one spot.

It's an ideal place for him to be the top guy.