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Saturday, April 08, 2006

When Will Webb Visit?

Via RaisingKaine, I see that Jim Webb was in Richmond today. From his own website, I can see that Secretary Webb has another event in Richmond, one in Arlington, and one in Chesapeake.

Now, I know it's early, but when will Jim Webb make it down to Southwest Virginia?

I know Secretary Webb has relatives in Scott County (I just finished Born Fighting, by the way), and apparently knows alot about the region (it's the first time I had seen Big Moccasin Gap in print). So let's get him down here, get him out with the people, show them that he's one of them. He's a proud veteran of Vietnam, he worked for Ronald Reagan, he has a strong record, and even stronger positions.

A couple of phrases I heard very often while Justin and I were put petitioning were "I haven't met Webb yet," or "I haven't heard what Webb is for yet." People in NOVA and Richmond have heard alot from the Webb folks. Thay have big organized petition gathering events and get 300 in an afternoon. We have two guys in Bristol, a guy in Wise, and a guy in Clintwood getting signatures (maybe a few more that I haven't heard of). They've already got yard signs, hand-outs, bumper stickers. We've got...hmm...well.

What I'm trying to say here is this; Jim Webb can win Southwest Virginia. I know it, you know, Jim Webb knows it. But do Jim Webb's scheduling people know it? I talked back in mid-March with Sam Crockett, the Bristol Democratic Chairman, about having Secretary Webb come speak to us. Harris Miller had already called. And I haven't heard anything about either one of them being here.

Now, I'll add a note at this point that I've heard rumors from pretty reliable sources that Jim Webb will be at Ralph Stanley's Hills of Home Festival in May (I told that same person that Webb should also make it a point to be at the Jim and Jesse 4th of July Picnic in Coeburn, by the way). But we need Webb down here way before that.

So, in closing, let me make an open call to Jim Webb's scheduling office to bring Jim Webb to Southwest Virginia in the next two or three weeks.



Dannyboy said...

I'm with you, Neal. If we let others actually speak with Webb, they'll be taken. Webb's best weapon against Miller's mudslinging is his charisma and his ability to communicate with the common man.

thegools said...

Why don't you go to Webb's site and contact him and invite him to an event? I am sure you can come up with something. You could even organize something with a local dems organization, lion's club, or whatever..... If there are any festivals or major events that is also a good thing that he could show up for.

notgeorgeallen said...

Neal, best thing you do can is invite Webb to your area as Kirk said. Contact the local Dems there and tell them to contact the Webb campaign. Build the pressure.

Neal said...

Well, as you may or may not know, I sit on the Bristol Democratic Committee, and am Chair of Youth Outreach.

I told Mr. Crockett (the chairman) we need to get Webb down here soon, and he agreed.

I've been racking my brain to get Webb down here. There aren't a whole lot of big events around here. The Carters Fold over in Hiltons would be an idea, though...

Adam said...

I am also going to talk with the UVA-wise young democrats at our meeting next week about Webb comming to the College

Neal said...

We've got a BVDC meeting tomorrow night, and I plan to make this issue #1.