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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why I'm Voting For Webb - Part One of Seven

Early on in this primary, I was fairly vocal about my support for Secretary of the Navy James Webb. But, as it went on, things became pretty negative. Since then, I've been a bit burned out on discussing the primary, since things weren't positive. I've been looking for a way to express why I will vote for Webb, and not against Miller.

So I said to myself, what should I do? I decided that, with seven days left until the election, I intend to write seven posts on why I support James Webb.

Reason One: Iraq War.

I have believed since Day One that the Iraq War was the wrong war at the wrong time. We had no reason to go in other than rumors and unfounded statements. Folks say, "we had bad intelligence." Well, you should never go into a war without the best intelligence possible. If it's old, vague, or from a non-reliable source, don't trust it.

I would love to pull out of Iraq tomorrow and bring every soldier home. But I'm a realist. I know we can't do that. We have to have a solid, defined time table. Say, six months. On December 6th, bring home 25% of the troops. Have them back in their hometowns in time for Christmas. Six or eight months later, bring home another 25%, and so forth. We made this mess, and we had to stay around a while. But it's time for us to quit babysitting the entire nation of Iraq.

James Webb knows this. He understands how to win a war, and he knows this isn't it. We're losing, and without the help of the entire world in the next few months, we could be stuck there for years and years. James Webb would have voted against the war in the first place, and I trust him to vote to end it when he gets the chance in the Senate.

(Look for part two tomorrow, and maybe part three tomorrow night)


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