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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why I'm Voting for Webb - Part Two of Seven

(This is part two of my seven-section post, which I began last night. I would suggest you would start by reading that, if you haven't.)

I support James Webb for the Senate. I intend to vote for Webb, not against Miller. This is my second reason, out of seven, as to why.

Reason Two: Veterans' Issues

James Webb is a veteran. So was his father, and his son is in the military right now. My dad, my grandpa, two uncles, and countless cousins, great-uncles, and other relatives have served in the military.

I believe our veterans are one of our most treasured resources. They've been in the trenches, fighting for this country. They can offer insight and leadership that no one else can.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is, in my opinion, one of the most important agencies we have. Veterans deserve the best health care, they best support services, and the best pension pay available. But they're not getting it. The reality is that many of our V.A. hospitals have their hands tied by the department, and are unable to fully treat our veterans in the best way possible. Many of our veterans wait weeks for vital treatment, and that is way beyond wrong. We need to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs to make it more efficient, and to speed up waiting times, and to prevent against any problems the veterans may encounter. We need to dramatically increase the funding. Last year, the Department of Veterans' Affairs received 60 billion dollars, as compared to 419 billion for the Department of Defense. A little lop-sided? You bet.

James Webb understands the plight of our nation's veterans. That's why he has proposed a permanent 5% tax cut for all veterans. James Webb will be a voice for not only our nation's fighting men and women, but for those who have already served. As a Senator, Webb will improve the service at the Veterans' Hospitals. He will strive to see that all our veterans are treated with the dignity they deserve. James Webb in the Senate will be a watchdog to guard against any fiascos like the recent theft of 22 million veterans' personal records.

James Webb. Serving those who have served us.


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Scott Nolan said...

Please keep these coming Neal. They are positive, constructive, and insightful. They are swaying me more than any other writing I have seen on the subject so far.