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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Breaking News

The AP is reporting Tim Kaine will be Virginia's next governor. More later.


Politicapital said...




but here in Cali we still have all our props to see numbers on

Neal said...

I think if the props Arnold is supporting go down, it'll spell huge trouble for him in 2006.

And, like you say, HURRAY! ITS KAINE! YAY!

politicapital said...

o yes, it will plus Angelides is awesome

If the kings win tonight and the props go my way itll be a very good night indeed

89% reporting and kaine is ahead by 5

Neal said...

I like Angelidas. I dont know much about Westly. But what about Rob Reiner or Warren Beatty? Since theyre campaigning against the propositions, could it be like a dress-rehearsal for 2006?

I'm really glad Kaine will win. I just hate to see Byrne and Deeds running probably too far behind to catch up. It sets up a problem for 2009 for us (yeah, thinking waaay too far ahead), but will be fun to watch Bolling and McDonnell try to kill eachother.

politicapital said...

I dont know much about Reiner and Beatty, but i do know a lot about Angelides and theres not much to not like. Hes done a great job as state treasuring (if wed have folowed his economic polan we wouldnt be in so much damned trouble)Westly is good too, but hes almost too liberal for me. and Angelides is much more charismatic and seems like a governor

no on 73, 74, 75, 76 and 78
yes on 77, 79 and 80

Im also waiting for the victory speeches on CSPAN hope they come soon