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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Countdown to E-Day

Here we are only a few hours from election day (and by the time you read this, it will very likely be election day), and the latest SurveyUSA poll has Tim Kaine up and out of the margin of error.

The poll:

Tim Kaine - 52%
Jerry Kilgore - 43%
Russ Potts - 3%
Other - 1%
Undecided - 1%

This is great news! The last several polls have had Kaine up by 2% or 3%, but this is huge. Much better than I expected! But we still need to run this race like we're 10 points behind. We need to get out the vote, call everyone we know, convince family members, even be a walking billboard if you feel the urge.

If Tim Kaine does win really big, then Leslie Byrne and Creigh Deeds can grab on to his coattails and ride into victory.

So, here's my final predictions on what the final results will be:

Tim Kaine (D) - 52%
Jerry Kilgore (R) - 46%
Russ Potts (I) - 2%

Lt Governor
Bill Bolling (R) - 51%
Leslie Byrne (D) - 49%

Attorney General
Creigh Deeds (D) - 52%
Bob McDonnell (R) - 48%

House of Delegates - District 1
Terry Kilgore (R) - 51%
Rex McCarty (D) - 49%

House of Delegates - District 2
Bud Phillips (D) - 61%
Linda Tiller (R) - 39%

House of Delegates - District 3
Jackie Stump (D) - 98%
Write-in - 2%

House of Delgates - District 4
Joe Johnson (D) - 97%
Write-in - 3%

House of Delegates - District 5
Bill Carrico (R) - 98%
Write-in - 2%

House of Delegates - District 6
Benny Keister (D) - 51%
Anne B. Crockett Stark (R) - 49%

That's my predictions. I think we'll do mostly well. I hope my predictions on Bolling/Byrne and Kilgore/McCarty are incorrect, so we'll have to wait and see.

Night all, and remember to vote.



V V said...

Results right now in VA:

Kaine 51
Kilgore 47
Potts 2

63% precints reporting and voter turnout of about 27%

Neal said...

looking pretty good at the moment.