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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Newspapers Say...

Just a quick post tonight.

Let's see how many papers we can name off that have endorsed Tim Kaine for Governor of Virginia. Ready? Here we go!

The Washington Post
The Daily Press
The Broadside (George Mason University campus paper)
The Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia campus paper)
The Gloucester-Matthews Gazette
The Times Community Papers
The Roanoke Times
Bristol Herald Courier
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
Virginian Pilot
Suffolk News Herald
Richland News Press

Tim Kaine has received endorsements from almost every major newspaper in Southwest Virginia. Tim Kaine has the momentum rolling in his favor.

Tonight I'm going to start a semi daily feature until election day; a prediction that will evolve as we go. Tonight, it goes like this:

Tim Kaine 52%, Jerry Kilgore 47%, Russ Potts 1%
Leslie Byrne 50%, Bill Bolling 50%
Creigh Deeds 52%, Bob McDonnell 48%

Also, a late congrats to the Lady Trojans Volleyball team, who went 14-0 this year to win their district championship, and tonight won their semi-finals game. Our football team is 0-9, and going for our tenth loss Friday. Our football team has had 3 winning seasons since...I believe 1963. Why should 2005 have been any different?



Not Larry Sabato said...

Have you met Leslie yet? If not, go meet her this weekend on the SW tour

Neal said...

Actually, I did meet her at Rick Boucher's Acres of Democrats event in Wytheville. I think she's a great woman and great to talk to. But I do plan to attend the rally/potluck at Abingdon High School tonight.