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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Morning After

Yesterday was the big primary day here in Virginia. The following is the results of the election:
Governor-Republican Primary
J W Kilgore - 143,773 82.53%
G B Fitch - 30,444 17.47%
Lt. Governor-Republican Primary
W T Bolling - 98,236 56.47%
S T Connaughton - 75,715 43.53%
Attorney General-Republican Primary
R F McDonnell - 109,204 65.38%
S E Baril - 57,827 34.62%
Lt. Governor-Democratic Primary
L L Byrne - 37,773 32.93%
V O Baskerville - 29,658 25.85%
J C Petersen - 24,915 21.72%
P P Puckett - 22,371 19.50%
Now, let me say, Jerry Kilgore beating George Fitch is kind of just a yawn. Bill Bolling beating Sean Connaughton is no big surprise. Bob McDonnell was expected also to beat Steve Baril. But Leslie Byrne winning the Democratic primary? Say what? How did that happen?
I had made a prediction something like: Petersen gets 35%, Puckett gets 30%, Byrne gets 20%, Baskerville gets 15%.
I'm glad I wasn't betting money on this.
All I can say is that I made a big effort, standing out and handing out brochures at four schools in my area, and I hope I swayed a few minds. As a democrat, I'll get behind Leslie Byrne and strongly support her in November. But I'll say that I hope Chap Petersen, at 37, doesn't drop of the radar. He'll only be 41 in 2009, why not run for LG again? Or, he could run for a possible open US Senate seat in 2008 if Senator John Warner retires. And then there's always the US Congress. So I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Chap Petersen.
Leslie Byrne is an unabashed liberal and proud of it. Yes, it will sell great to the party base. But in Southwest Virginia, central Virginia, and other places it may not. And Bill Bolling will definitly run about the dirtiest campaign this state has seen. I suggest everyone go to and see what she's all about.
Over and out.

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