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Saturday, June 11, 2005

What's the World Coming To?

I'm going to temporarily depart from politics tonight to discuss a teacher. Mr. Larry Booher (LD to all of us at John S. Battle HS) was my Biology I teacher in my sophmore year of high school. He is perhaps the smartest science teacher I've ever encountered, and I look up to him as an example of what teachers should be.
Upon getting up this morning and picking up the newspaper, I noticed a front-page story about Mr. Booher, saying that an "anonymous" tip that Booher was teaching creationism in his Biology II class and was ordered by the superintendent to stop. A 500 page folder he made and paid for his self was passed out to students that disproved evolution. He taught us small bits and pieces of it in my Biology I class, and I'm glad that he did. Every student at Battle clammored to be in his class knowing that he would disprove evolution.
A Yahoo search led me to links with quotes concerning Mr. Booher. One woman who probably doesn't have the knowledge Mr. Booher has in one finger in her whole body, said that someone needed to remind him what a biology teacher is supposed to do.
LD Booher is the most brilliant science teacher to ever grace the halls of John S. Battle and some woman in California says he needs his job defined to him? Give me a break.
I urge everyone to e-mail the Washington County school board chair, Mrs. Elizabeth Lowe, at and the principle of John S. Battle, Mrs. Judy Wilson (the person who will determine whether Booher is puniched) at and urge them not to punish such a fine teacher and fine human being.

I'll be starting a state-by-state handicapping of Senate races in 2006 very soon.

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