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Monday, October 10, 2005

I Know It's Early, But...

One of my favorite passtimes is hypothesizing on future races, future candidates, etc. I got to thinking; After Tim Kaine has served 4 years and is forced into retirement, who should my party run? For that matter, who should we run for all the 2009 races?

Well, let me throw you three slates of candidates and see which you like the best.

SCENARIO ONE-Represent, Y'all! (Candidates from the central/western/southwest part of the state)
Governor: Creigh Deeds (Charlottesville)
Lt. Governor: Phillip Puckett (Lebanon)
Attorney General: Onzlee Ware (Roanoke)

SCENARIO TWO-The North Will Rise Again (Candidates from Northern Virginia only)
Governor: Leslie Byrne (Fairfax)
Lt. Governor: Chap Petersen (Fairfax)
Attorney General: Brian Moran (Alexandria)

SCENARIOS THREE AND FOUR-Where Did He Come Up With That? (Candidates who have little in common, but might make a good ticket)
Governor: Don Beyer (Alexandria)
Lt. Governor: Paul Fraim (Norfolk)
Attorney General: John Edwards (Roanoke)

Governor: Bobby Scott (Richmond)
Lt. Governor: L.F. Payne (Amherst)
Attorney General: Bud Phillips (Castlewood)

How does that grab you? Any other possiblities you like the sound of? Any of these sound good?

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