Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will one day be the majority. - William Jennings Bryan

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let's Get This Mule Train Moving

A new Mason-Dixon Poll show that:

Jerry Kilgore holds a 2 point lead over Tim Kaine, with 5 for Potts and 9 undecided (44-42-5-9). This is within the margin of error, and two other recent polls have showed Kaine actually leading. This race will go down to the wire, and voter turnout will be the key to the victory. I'll be working the polls election day, where will you be?

Bill Bolling holds a 4 point lead over Leslie Byrne, with a huge undecided factor (41-37-22). Ill be honest when I admit that I thought Leslie Byrne had no chance whatsoever. She is rather abrasive, pretty far to the left, and not running a statewide race. Don't get me wrong, I support her. I like her style. It's fun to listen to. She has great ideas. She's strongly pro-union. But I worked for Chap Petersen because I thought he had the most statewide electability and was running an energetic campaign. But, be that as it may, Leslie Byrne has to win this. We can't have Tim Kaine fighting tooth and nail against his Lt. Governor for four years. This is a race where we need to show Leslie Byrne as mainstream, show her strong, strong support of unions, and show the women she supports them. Then we can win this race.

Bob McDonnell has a whopping 8 point lead over Creigh Deeds (42-34-24). This is panic mode time. Creigh Deeds is the best person for this job, he's energetic, fun to listen to, has great mainstream ideas. He introduced the Right to Hunt and Fish Act, and we need to blast that out of a megaphone. Deeds can't win without rural support. And he can't get rural support without showing his strong pro-gun record.

So I say it's time to get this mule train going. Let's get the show on the road. We've come too far to give up and fizzle out on Election Day night.


Also, has anybody noticed I haven't been writing much? No? Okay, fine then. No, seriously, I haven't been able to write because (like Kenton), school is pretty time-consuming. Especially English. And you folks from my high school reading this, you understand what I mean.

Until later.



calikid said...
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Neal said...

Let's not be potty mouthed please.

Keep it it G rated.