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Friday, October 07, 2005

I Think Not

I supported John Roberts. I know Chief Justice Roberts is a Conservative. But he is no Scalia/Thomas. He will hopefully be a unifier on the court. But Harriet Miers is a different story.

Harriet Miers has no record. Is she a Democrat pretending to be a Republican (she gave money to Al Gore's 88 campaign)? Is she a kneejerk conservative being paraded as mainstream? We can't take that risk. She is up for Sandra Day O'Connor's seat. We're talking crucial swing vote here. If this were Antonin Scalia's seat, I'd say sure, why the heck not? We couldn't do much worse.

But Harriet Miers is no mainstream thinker like Sandra Day O'Connor is. President Bush nominated a great legal mind in John Roberts. I can deal with the fact that he's a Conservative, because I know he know's his law and how to conduct a court. He replaces a Conservative, so the numbers didn't change. With any luck, over the years he may moderate his views, but keep the friendly but tough personality on the bench (similar to Renhquist) that he has.

But, again, Miss Miers is different. She has no record. She has no judicial experience. She's a blank slate. She cannot avoid the questions like previous nominees have, and here's why: They all had a record that would speak for itself. Senators know Roberts was conservative. Senators in 1993 knew Ruth Bader Ginsburg was liberal. But what do Senators know about Miers?

Joe Biden (who, if Mark Warner wasn't in the 2008 Presidential race, I would definitly support) will grill Miers to no end. And I'm glad.

Ted Kennedy will pin Miers down with tough questions that will make her think, form opinions, and, we're all praying, voice those opinions. And, once again, I'm glad.

I remember Joe Biden saying during Roberts' confirmation something close to "You're getting a lifetime appointment. You never have to answer to anyone again." For Harriet Miers, who has never been qualified to serve on the Supreme Court answered to anyone before anyway will be almost expected to say something. But will she? I doubt it.

That's why I'm calling on the Senate to reject Harriet Miers' nomination and demand President Bush send up a mainstream thinker with a track record to prove it.

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