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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Okay, Tell Me What You Really Think

I'm thinking of changing over to WordPress -- But how? Anybody know how it works? Can one edit html (like to add the links in the side, like I have here)? Leave any feedback in the comments section, and then see how I have it srt up at


(p.s. - Seems my ability to change the time on Blogger is gone. This post should be 12:57 am)


James W. said...

Go for it. It was much much easier than I expected it to be.

You can edit pretty much anything you want. It's better than blogger, typepad, and movable type, all of which I've experimented with.

Kenton said...

In short, Wordpress > Blogger. You can do almost anything possibly dreamed of.

Neal said...

I was trying to add html for the images on the side and it wouldn't seem to do it. But it is possible?

Brian Patton said...

Wordpress itself is by far the best blogging platform, in my opinion.

The difference you have to be careful about, though, is comparing stand alone Wordpress with the new Wordpress service.

Some of the customizing and tweaking features are not included in the service.

But, the platform itself is free, so to have your own fully functional Wordpress site with complete control would only cost you the price of a domain and webhosting. If you want, I can help you get it set up sometime and give you a crash course on Wordpress.

Anonymous said...