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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things Are Looking Good

Did everybody have a nice Christmas? I know I did. Okay, here we go..


According to this story on, Democrats have their sites set on seven seats in the U.S. Senate. DSCC Chairman Chuck Schumer says Arizona (Sen. Jon Kyl), Missouri (Sen. Jim Talent), Montana (Sen. Conrad Burns), Ohio (Sen. Mike DeWine), Pennsylvania (Sen. Rick Santorum), Rhode Island (Sen. Lincoln Chafee), and Tennessee (Open GOP) are in play and will be the main pickup goals.

Of these, we have strong candidates in several. The primary in Ohio worries me, as Paul Hackett v. Sherrod Brown could be bruising (I've already come out in favor of Brown). Harold Ford is likely the second strongest candidate we could have in Tennessee (since Ned McWherter is out of elective politics). Bob Casey just about has the Pennsylvania race wrapped up. In Rhode Island, Missouri, and Arizona, we have strong candidates in Sheldon Whitehouse, Claire McCaskill, and Jim Pederson. We'll have to wait and see what happens in the primary in Montana.

In any regard, I look for the Democrats to be standing at at least 48 (and possibly 52) when the U.S. Senate convenes for the 110th Congress in 2007.

(I am disappointed to see Virginia isn't on the DSCC's list--but give us about 3 months and we might be.)



politicapital said...

i doubt were going to win Rhode Island or Arizona. And Tennesse is so damned conservative, i doubt we'll win there either. At this point i think the dems will win MT, OH, PA, and MO though

Neal said...

If Chafee is hurt in this primary-or, moreso, loses it, then RI is at or near the top of the pickup list. Arizona I have serious doubts about. But if we have the perfect storm, its possible.
I was born in Tennessee, live about 3 miles from it now (heavily GOP East Tennesse). I think we can win in TN because the GOP is having a mean primary which gives Ford a jump. Also, If East TN isn't strong for the GOP, then Ford could hammer together the coalition he needs to pull it off (Evidence in McWherter's 1986 election).