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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kaine Starts Working; Warner Wins SC Primary

Governor-Elect Tim Kaine announced his public safety team yesterday, tapping current Secretary of Public Safety John W. Marshall to stay on for four more years. Marshall is the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Kaine picked Robert C. Crouch, Mark Warner's top lawyer, to be the Homeland Security Director. Kaine also announced that General Robert Newman will head up Virginia's National Guard.

John Marshall has been talked-about as a potential candidate for Lt. Governor in 2009. Anybody think he'll resign from this job by, about, 2007 or 2008?


Mark Warner spoke Wednesday to the South Carolina Democratic Party at Charleston's Francis Marion Hotel. There were four former Governors in attendance, Jim Hodges, Richard Riley (also former Secretary of Education), Bob McNair, and Fritz Hollings (who also served 38 years in the Senate).

All were very impressed with our Governor. Jim Hodges said, "You are going to be one heck of a President," in reference to Warner. Senator Hollings said, "I believe like the rest of you that we have a real winner here tonight," also referring to Governor Warner. Dick Harpootlian, the former South Carolina Democratic Party chairman, said, "I think peope in this room heard from the next President of the United States. He was inspiring."

(Hollings gives the "thumbs up")

But the most telling conclusion from the night was made by political pundit and University of Maryland profressor Tom Schaller, who said, "He just won the South Carolina primary," and, "He practically got the endorsements of almost every speaker on stage this early."

Mark Warner can be the moderate alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2008 if he keeps going over like this.

[UPDATE: C-Span will air Governor Warner's speech to SC Democrats tonight (Sunday), at 6:30 pm. Watch it.]


Today is John Kerry's 62nd birthday.


Okay, now it's Church time.


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