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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You Didn't Hear It From Me

I just got back from the monthly Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee meeting about an hour and a half ago.

I went in intending to bring up to the Chairman that we needed to invite some Senate candidates down here. But, apparently, the Senate candidate beat me to it.

James Webb's campaign had been in contact with one of our members who volunteers for his campaign, asking about a location in Bristol where James Webb could come to in late May.

Apparently, the BVDC member, whom we shall call Terry, for that was his name, suggested out annual Memorial Day celebration on May 28th. The event is held downtown on Cumberland Street, at the Veterans' Memorial, and will include a big ceremony by the VFW. The options for Webb apparently are to speak before 11:00 am, or after 2:00 pm. The question was raised as to whether some of the VFW members would like to speak in support of James Webb, and whether they would want to incorporate him, as a former Secretary of the Navy and Vietnam veteran, into their program (I doubt they'll go that far, but it would be nice for some of the VFW members to endorse him publicly)

The appearance hasn't yet officialy been confirmed, but I look for it to be official very soon.

Anybody who is in this part of the country (that includes Dickenson County --cough cough--) should definitly make it out to this event; the Memorial Day celebration is fun enough, but it would be even better to half a hundred or so loud and proud Webb supporters in the crowd for his speech!


One other little note: I'm thinking about running to be Vice Chair for Outreach for the BVDC. Any thoughts?

Well, I guess I better be getting some sleep, as I do have that AP test tomorrow, bright and early.



Brian Patton said...

I just put it on my calendar. (cough, cough). :)

Adam said...

You should try to get Boucher too.

Liberal Pi said...

Why does the BVDC get so few spots at the convention? The Pulaski County Democratic Committee gets 18 delegates and 4 alternates. Hope to see you in Marion.

Neal said...

Well, originally we got 9 delegates and 4 alternates, then they decreased it (must have been a typo). I guess it's that, as a city, we have a population of around 17,000 people.