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Sunday, September 11, 2005

About Me

First, thanks to Kenton over at 750 Volts. ( ) I found this survey over there, and thought it was kind of neat.

The Usual
:: name = Neal
:: piercings = If God had meant for me to have more holes in me that I do, he would have put them there.
:: tattoos = Not big on the pain thing.
:: height = 6'4"
:: shoe size = 15
:: hair color = brown
:: eye color = blue
:: siblings = 1

:: movie you rented = Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace
:: movie you bought = Jim and Jesse: Stars of the Grand Ole Opry
:: song you listened to = "Midnight Rider" by Willie Nelson
:: song that was stuck in your head = "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" by Flatt and Scruggs
:: cd you bought = "After All These Years" by Eddy Arnold
:: cd you listened to = "Don't Cry To Me" by Jimmy Martin
:: person u were thinking of = Hmm...I've thought about several folks.

:: you have a crush on someone = Sure do.
:: you wish you could live somewhere else = On occasion. Someplace like Montana...or Colorado.
:: you believe in online dating = No. A big no.
:: others find you attractive = Hey, I am a pretty cute guy...
:: you want more piercings = Thought we had been through this?
:: you like cleaning = Nope.
:: you like roller coasters = Never been on one.
:: you write in cursive or print = Always cursive.

:: long distance relationships = Whatever boils your crawfish.
:: using someone =Not nice.
:: suicide = Something I would never do.
:: killing people = If you can't play nice, just go home.
:: teenage smoking = That's illegal, isn't it?
:: driving drunk = Dangerous. Very bad idea
:: gay/lesbian relationships = Not my business.
:: soap operas = I used to like that one with the midget on it.

:: ever cried over a girl = Okay, so I'm tenderhearted.
:: ever cried over a boy = No. Thats one of those not applicable things.
:: ever lied to someone = Gotta be honest to avoid telling another one, so yes.
:: ever been in a fist fight = Just two hits; I hit them and they hit the ground.
:: ever been arrested = Nope.

:: shampoo do you use = I think it's Pert
:: shoes do you wear = New Balance, and I also have some boots I like when it snows
:: are you scared of = There's alot of things that scare me.

:: of times I have been in love? = I'm not sure.
:: of girls you’ve obsessed over who wouldn’t date you = Just two or three.
:: of times your name has appeared in the newspaper? = A good eight or ten times, counting Letters to the Editor and Obituaries.
:: of scars on my body? = Hmm...Six or eight. never counted before.
:: of things in my past that I regret? = Quite a few.

:: pretty - Just purty as can be!
:: funny - I like to think so. Sometimes other people say I'm just sarcastic.
:: friendly - To a fault.
:: amusing - I can be, when I'm upset
:: ugly - Go back and read the "pretty" response!
:: loveable - They do call me a big teddy bear.
:: caring - Again, to a fault.
:: sweet - I get called sweet quite often. Just being myself though.
:: dorky - Not really.

:: 7 letter word: Hmm...Liberal is nice
:: actor/actress: Actor...Chris Rock. Actress...Kirstie Alley.
:: Candy: Those little Werther's candies.
:: Cartoon: Ren and Stimpy was good.
:: Cereal: Count Chocula's...Since Kindergarten.
:: Chewing gum: Double Bubble. If I'm gonna chew it, it's gotta be big and sugary.
:: Color(s): Blue, green.
:: Day of week: I've always been partial to Thursdays. I was born on one.
:: Least fave day: Tuesdays. Definitly. Don't ask me why, because I just picked it out of the air.
:: Flower: I like lillies. (Yeah, I'm in touch with my "inner feelings")
:: Jello flavor: I'm not a fan of anything I can't chew.
:: Jewelry: I've got a gold eagle ring, and also one with my birthstone in it.
:: Special skills/talents: My Mommy says I'm talented at everything! Okay, but seriously, I'm a good guitar player.
:: Summer/Winter: I just love snow!
:: Trampolines or swimming pools: Well, gee, I can't swim, so it narrows my choices.

Person who last..
:: Slept in your bed: Well, I did.
:: Saw you cry: Probably like 50 people at the Veteran's Hospital.
:: Made you cry: I wear my heart on my sleeve. So what?
:: You went to the movies with: last ex-girlfriend. Back in August.
:: Yelled at you: A certain teacher. (Can't stand her. Miserbale person)
:: Sent you an email: Nobody e-mails me! Now I'm sad!

Have you ever..
:: Said "I love you" and meant it?: At the time I thought I did.
:: Gone out in public in your pajamas: Hahaha...Yes, but not very far from the house.
:: Kept a secret from everyone: I'm pretty good at that.
:: Cried during a movie: Nope.
:: Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: I didn't know til recently, but yes. I looked awesome in neon green though.
:: Been on stage: Yep, several times.
:: Been to New York: Nope.
:: Been to California: Nope.
:: Hawaii: Nope.
:: China: Nope.
:: Canada: Nope.
:: Europe: Nope.
:: Asia: Nope.
:: South America: Nope.
:: Australia: Nope. (Okay, can we see a pattern emerging???)
:: Wished you were the opposite sex: No. I'm happy with my anatomy the way it is.
:: What time is it now?: 3:40pm.
:: Apples or bananas?: Apples.
:: Blue or red?: Blue
:: Walmart or target?: Wal-Mart. I swear by it.
:: Spring or Autumn?: Autumn, although I've never called it that. Fall.
:: What are you gonna do after you finish this?: Go to McDonald's.
:: What was the last meal you ate? Some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and corn bread.
:: High school or college?: Senior in High School. Class of 2006!
:: Are you bored?: At the moment, extremely. (Why else would I have spent a half hour doing this?)
:: Last noise you heard?: The announcer on television just said "Nationals take the lead!"
:: Last smell you sniffed?: Hmm...I just smelled a candle in the kitchen.
:: Last time you went out of state?: I live like 3 miles from Tennessee. So basically every day or so.

:: Do you believe in love at first sight?: My pickup line: "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by you again?"
:: Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: Sure! Quite a few. Maybe I could start my own baseball team.
:: Most important thing to you in a friendship is: Hmm...Trust is always a good thing.

Other Info
:: Criminal record?: Nope.
:: Do you speak any other languages?: I'm in 2nd year French. I could probably go to France and survive a day or two on what I know.
:: Who you love: I heard a country singer once say "Love everybody". Sounds good to me.
:: Who you miss: My late grandparents.

:: Nickname(s): (Not my doing, mind you), Biggin, Neal Bear, Frankie G (don't ask), The guy with the face.
:: How old do you look?: I'm 17, but I pass for 25.
:: How old do you act?: I'm fairly mature, although I often do look up dirty words in the dictionary, just to make sure they're still there.
:: Glasses/Contacts: Glasses.
:: Braces: Nope.
:: Do you have any pets? A little miniature Collie.
:: You get embarrassed: Not much. It takes a lot.
:: What makes you happy?: Politics. Girls. Country Music. Family. Love. Etc.
:: What upsets you?: I don't get upset much anymore.

Finish the sentence:
:: I Love… "...little baby ducks, old toy trucks, slow moving trains, and rain. Little country streams, sleep without dreams, Sunday school in May, and hay..." (Tom T. Hall song...)
:: I Miss… We've been through this one.
:: I Wish… For a Democratic President, world peace, and the Nationals v. the Indians in the World Series.
:: I Hope… That I'm almost done with this survey
:: I’m Annoyed by… Ignorance.
:: I Am… An all-around nice guy.
:: I Want to Be… the Governor of Virginia, or a U.S. Senator (or both)
:: I Would Never… expect our football team to win a game.
:: I’d Rather… that our football team did win a game.
:: I’d Give… to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, St. Jude's, etc.:: I Am Tired of… Typing. My fingers hurt.
:: I Will Always be… Who I am.

Have you ever..
:: Thought you were going to die: I assume at some point. But I've had a couple of close-calls.
:: Wanted to Run away: I actually did once. I came back like an hour later.
:: Been Cheated On: You bet.
:: Cheated On Someone: After I got cheated on.
:: Fought with a boy over a member of the opposite sex: Not worth it.
:: Flunked a grade: Nope.
:: Skipped a grade: Never been smart enough for that stuff.
:: Slept with a member of the opposite sex and just slept for the night: What kind of question is that?

Okay, now that that's through..


Kenton Ngo said...

Actually, this reminds me to spend some time updating my survey. Bloggers are characters.

Whoa, Lord Almighty, size 15! 6' 4"! And tenderhearted!

Neal said...

Yeah. You wouldn't believe the trouble I have with getting school clothes..

Justin said...

Wow Neal, you big teddy bear.

Isn't that cool?

Okay, now that you're done with the survey, get on with your English homework, you big teddy bear.