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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Who For Senate??

According to this story at the Washington Post (, who else is supposedly considering a run for office in Virginia, but Ben Affleck? (Also, interestingly, John Grisham is also mentioned)

The Bristish tabloids are reporting that Affleck and his new wife, Jennifer Garner, have been looking for houses in the Charlottesville area, and that Affleck has decided he wants to seek office in Virginia in 2006. While the tabloids can't be confirmed, it has been confirmed they've been house-shopping in the Old Dominion state. And Ken Sunshine, Affleck's manager, didn't do much to quell the rumors. "[H]h would be a superb candidate for public office in the future. Right now, he's very busy directing his first feature movie for Disney, 'Gone, Baby, Gone.' "

Let me say, it worries me a tad bit when we have to start looking for celebrities to run against George Allen. There has been talk of Richard Cranwell, the VDP chairman, running. I would be open to that idea, and would likely support and campaign for him (after a primary). I can't say Ben Affleck couldn't be a Senator, but I think if he is going to run, he needs to immediatley begin with travelling the state (not just Richmond and NOVA--St. Paul and Rocky Mount, too) and talking to people about social issues (i.e. not abortion and gay marriage--Social Security and farm subsidies) and showing he is passionate about the issues important to them.

Maybe on January 3rd, 2007, we'll be saying "Senator Cranwell, Senator Affleck, or the ever-popular Senator AnybodyButGeorgeAllen"

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