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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

2005 Governor of Virginia

Jerry Kilgore, the GOP candidate for Governor in 2005, is resigning from his job as state Attorney General to focus on his run for governor. A Virginia state law prohibits sitting state officials (i.e. Kilgore and Democratic candidate Tim Kaine) from raising money during the General Assembly session. The Assembly is scheduled to adjourn February 28th. If Kilgore resigned after 2/28, then Governor Mark Warner would appoint an interim Attorney General, a Democrat. This way, the General Assembly, which is Republican controlled, will select the replacement.
My opinion of all of this is that Kilgore has raised exactly the same amount of money as Kaine (3.3 million dollars) and, in a Republican-leaning state should be way ahead in fundraising. Kaine is also only 2 or 3 points behind in polls. That spells trouble for Kilgore. Plus an attack from the center of the Republican party i the June primary by Warrenton Mayor George Fitch will drain his time and resources. This resignation to focus full-time on the race signals that Kilgore is running scared.
Here are links to the candidate websites; I think they might be interesting.
Kaine's website
Kilgore's website
Stay tuned to see what happens.

P.S.-I'll be posting more SWAC stuff either Wednesday or Thursday.

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