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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Polls Polls Polls!!!

Some new polls out about the 2008 Presidential race...
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani 29
Senator Bill Frist 25
Senator John McCain 7
Governor Jeb Bush 7
Senator Rick Santorum 3
Governor George Pataki 3
Senator George Allen 2
Governor Mitt Romney 1
Governor Bill Owens 1
Senator Chuck Hagel 1
Governor Haley Barbour 0
Other (vol.) 2 (Former Congressman J.C. Watts-1, Senator Elizabeth Dole-1)
Don't vote in primaries (vol.) 2
Unsure 17

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton 33
Senator John Edwards 22
Senator John Kerry 13
Retired General Wesley Clark 10
Governor Bill Richardson 3
Senator Evan Bayh 2
Senator Russ Feingold 1
Governor Tom Vilsack 1
Governor Mark Warner 1
Other (vol.) 3 (Governor Phil Bredesen-2; Former Governor Howard Dean-1)
Don't vote in primaries (vol.) 3
Unsure 8

--What I tend to think this signals is that te Republicans are very evenly split; The Moderate wing supporting (for the most part) Giuliani, the Religious Right supporting Frist. The Democrats have four real contenders; Clinton, Edwards, Kerry, and Clark. The only two that I believe could win nationwide are Edwards and Clark. For some odd reason, Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen received a very miniscule amount of support...

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