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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Quick Follow-Up...

I guess I should tell y'all who the state-wide officeholders are...

Governor: Mark R. Warner (D) -- (limited to one term)
Lt. Governor: Tim Kaine (D)
Attorney General: Jerry W. Kilgore (R)

Governor: Phil Bredesen (D)
Lt. Governor: John S. Wilder (D)
Attorney General: Paul G. Summers (D)

West Virginia
Governor: Joe Manchin, III (D)
Lt. Governor: Earl Ray Tomblin (D)
Attorney General: Darrell V. McGraw (D)

Currently...the living Former Presidents Are:

Gerald R. Ford (R) (1974-1977) Age 91
George H.W. Bush (R) (1989-1993) Age 80
Jimmy Carter (D) (1977-1981) Age 80
Bill Clinton (D) (1993-2001) Age 58

The Oldest Presidents Ever At Death Were (In Order By Age):
Ronald Reagan (R) (1981-1989) Age 93 at death
Gerald Ford (R) (1974-1977) Currently age 91
Herbert Hoover (R) (1929-1933) Age 90 at death
John Adams (F) (1799-1803) Age 90 at death

Youngest Presidents:
Theodore Roosevelt (R) Age 42 upon his ascension to the Presidency after President McKinley's assasination.
John F. Kennedy (D) Age 43 upon election. (Youngest elected President)
Oldest President: Ronald Reagan (R) Age 69 upon his election in 1980
Oldest Vice President: Alben W. Barkley (D) Age 73 upon his election in 1948

Members of the Supreme Court (with name of President who appointed them:
Chief Justice:
William Rehnquist (Nixon)
Associate Justices:
John Paul Stevens (Ford)
Sandra Day O'Conner (Reagan) -- (first female Justice)
Anthony Kennedy (Reagan)
Antonin Scalia (Reagan)
William Souter (Bush 41)
Clarence Thomas (Bush 41) -- (2nd African American to sit on Supreme Court)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Clinton)
Stephen Breyer (Clinton)
Note: The First African American Justice was Thurgood Marshall of Maryland, who was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson.

Ok, I'm finally done for the time being now...

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