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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Until I Can Think of Something...

Until I can piece together some more information for the academic team, I'll just talk politics:
2006-U.S. Senate---
Targeted Seats By the Democrats:
VIRGINIA-George Allen (R-2000)--The Dems would like nothing better than to knock off this architect of the 2004 Senate massacre and possible 2008 Presidential contender. If Governor Warner passes on this, watch to see what happens in the 2005 Governor's election. If he loses, Lt. Governor Tim Kaine would be a front-runner to take on Allen.
MISSOURI-Jim Talent (R-2002)--Senator Talent only barely defeated Jean Carnahan in the 2002 special election, and will run for re-election after only four years service. The Democratic bench is strong, with possible candidates including State Attorney General Jay Nixon, former Lt. Governor Joe Maxwell, and two of former Senator Carnahan's children: Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and Congressman Russ Carnahan.
OHIO-Mike DeWine (R-1994)--Senator DeWine is potentially vulnerable, because of his opposition to some of the President's more conservative polices. Some possible opponents include Congressmen Tim Ryan, Ted Strickland, and Sherrod Brown, and former Cincinnati Mayor and, (in case you didn't know) Television personality Jerry Springer.

I'll add the Republican Targeted seats, plus open seats and the extenuating* circumstances in Vermont's Senate race later tonight. As it stands now, I have places to go and people to meet. See y'all later.

*--(Thanks to Justin on the spelling there!)

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