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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Going To Regionals

Yesterday, the John Battle High School VHSL academic team (of which I'm a member), came in 2nd at theDistrict competition at Holston High School. We'll be going on February 4th to some place near Christiansburg, Virginia called East Montgomery H.S., for the Regional competition. Wish us luck (in advance)!

With all this travelling around (Richmond on January 29-31, Christiansburg on February 4, Lynchburg in March), I'm about ready to be able to sing "I've Been Everywhere" with a good conscience. :)



Kenton said...

Congratulations! I'm still waiting on my coach to pick the final member of the district forensics team. (Yes, our team is so big that she has to pick). What, exactly, is the academic team?

Neal said...

Well, we have SWAC teams too (which probably doesn't help explain, either...), but it's a team of four, and they're pitted against another team of four from another school, and three rounds (two for SWAC) of questions are asked. In this particular competition, (obviously) it's run like sporting events (regionals, state, etc.), whereas SWAC isn't. Here's a link to the SWAC thing, which may explain it, at least partly...