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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Found This Interesting

I thought you might find in interesting, too.

In the past month, here's what folks typed into search engines, that eventually brought them here:

rebuild america first (3%)
President 2028 (3%)
james webb senate 2006 (3%)
chap peterson for governor 2009 (3%)
"merle haggard" "rebuild america first" (3%)
don+beyer (3%)
jerry garcia quote supreme being (2%)
blueinva (2%)
june carter cash and nascar (2%)
senator herb kohl and gay (2%)
god bless britain (2%)
run 2008 "because of his age" (2%)
2028 presidential race (2%)
"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine" (2%)
"ethan berkowitz" 2006 (2%)
john denver vietnam sniper sunshine on my shoulder (2%)
'rebuild america first' (2%)
"ethan berkowitz" (2%)
oswald rocky top song (2%)
president+2028 (2%)
who is L.D.Booher (2%)
first day of 2028 (2%)
was vivian liberto hispanic (2%)
lyrics "what i've been meaning to say" merle haggard (2%)
herb kohl gay rumor (2%)
barry goldwater 3rd (2%)
Jeff bolling and tennessee (2%) (2%)
"sheldon whitehouse" AND embryonic (2%)
merle haggard "rebuild america first" (2%)
"Walk the Line" "you should have left me" (2%)
quizilla class of 2006 (2%)
against alito (2%)
Merle Haggard Video "America First" (2%)
"i keep a close watch" (2%)
"I keep a close watch" (2%)
"james webb" senate 2006 (2%)
"rebuild america first" (2%)
"for president" 2028 (2%)
"james webb" senate 2006 Navy (2%)
bill carrico announcement (2%)
Neil Jay Warner (2%)
june carter cash baked potato salad (2%)
"Merle Haggard" "Rebuild America First" lyrics (2%)
i keep a close watch on this heart of mine (2%)
kilgore + 2009 (2%)
Harold Ford Jr blog (2%)
merle haggard america first "chicago wind" (2%)
vivian liberto marriage photo (2%)
shea cook (2%)
Jackie Stump for Delegate bristol (2%)
Who said "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash wherever you are (2%)
phil puckett (2%)
"I keep a close watch on this" (2%)


So, for what it's worth (I estimate it to be less than 25 cents), there you go.


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