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Monday, January 30, 2006

Mark Warner's Cabinet

I'll have a post tomorrow afternoon/evening attacking President Bush, but until then, I'll pose a question/give an opinion to you...

Who should Mark Warner put in his cabinet when he's elected President (I know, it's ridiculously premature, but I live for this kind of stuff)?

Some of my suggestions...
State - John Kerry (Although the GOP would go balistic during the hearings, he could be very powerful in international issues)
Defense - Hugh Shelton (Great JCS Chairman, would be 1000% improvement on Rumsfeld)
Justice - John Edwards (Well, why not?)
Homeland Security - Richard Ben-Veniste (Was a big critic of Bush 43's administration during the 9/11 Hearings) (As a second choice, I like Russ Feingold, just to tick the GOP off)
Labor - Joe Manchin (He did the best he could with the Sago fiasco, and would be sensitive and very helpful to the national labor industries' issues)
Veterans Affairs - Max Cleland (Who else could lead what I believe is one of the most important offices, and one that holds a sentimental place in my heart?)
Transportation- Tim Kaine (Hmmm....Maybe?) :)
Education - Frank Jackson (He's working right now to improve Cleveland's inner city schools. If he can do that there, he can improve on schools nationwide)

If at all possible, there should be something like two Republicans. And at least 1/3 of the cabinet should be female. And I wonder if he could toss Michael Moore in somewhere just so we can see Ann Coulter/Bill O'Reilly/John Gibson/etc, etc's head blow of his/her shoulders?



The Richmond Democrat said...

I nominate myself to take Karl Rove's job: Minister of Propaganda.

James E. Martin said...

Treasury- jon corzine

special assistant to the president- me!

politicapital said...

Wes Clark should be secretary of State or Defense.

Neal said...

Minister of Propoganda. Sounds good.

NOVA-I like the Corzine idea. Kind of a "Class of 05" thing.

I had thought about Clark for Defense (and he would be a top choice) but I assumed he would get attacked by the far-right for something.