Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will one day be the majority. - William Jennings Bryan

Friday, January 20, 2006

Odd. Very Odd.

Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) is 81 years old. He previously had been cruising to an easy re-election in 2006, as the GOP can't field a serious candidate.

It was all easy until today. Congressman Ed Case, who is 53, announced he would challenge Akaka in a primary. Case is moe moderate, and rather Hawkish. He is also opposed to ANWR, whereas Akaka isn't.

Case also said he wanted to "phase in" the "next generation" of leaders now, rather than wait until Akaka, 81, and Senator Daniel Inouye, also 81, vacate office.

Now, I'm all for competitive primaries, and I think they usually help the party grow/advance. But I don't really see the reasoning behind this one. Akaka would likely have received 80%-85% in a general election (or possibly more). Now, with a primary, Akaka will have to waste money campaigning against someone who, if he sat out until 2010 (when Daniel Inouye will be 86 and likely retiring) or 2012 (when Akaka would be 88 and definitly retiring), would likely get a free ride into the Senate.

This being said, whether Akaka wins the primary (my top choice), loses, or retires, I'll wholeheartedly support the eventual nominee.

Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!



Brian said...

Great to see your interest in politics.

The elections in Hawaii (and nationwide) are sure going to be interesting.

I think what we will be seeing will be leaders popping up that will stun the people, as we've seen with Ed Case. The dawning of a new government and nation is rapidly upon us, so his announcement does not seem unusual to me.

We should expect to see huge changes in the coming days and months. Our minds will be rattled, our perspectives challenged. It's time for a change; and much change we will see, hopefully for the betterment of Hawaii and our country.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Neal:

The Democrats in Hawaii really need to be shaken up. They have become compliant and aren't really interested in what's best for we, the citizens of Hawaii. Ed Case is giving me a choice. The party bosses are upset because they didn't give their permission for Mr. Case to run against Mr. Akaka.

I welcome the opportunity to support someone who will vote his mind and principles, not just follow the party line every time.

Bob (Kapolei, HI)

Anonymous said...

Sen. Akaka has been great - but he really doesn't focus on more than a few issues these days and we can expect that too will diminish - he should retire - he deserves it. And as for those people who say Rep. Case isn't being respectful or isn't waiting his turn, I think they are being pretty anti-democratic. If not for Rep. Case, what transition plan has there ever been to avoid Hawaii losing it's seniority in the US Senate?

Anonymous said...

re: Case should have waited.

Wrong in my opinion.

Lingle, who is unopposed for '06 and term limited in '10 would be a formidable opponent against Case in a statewide election. Case is prescient and correct in running now.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Ed!! I am very much appreciative of all the work that has been done in the past by Sens Akaka and Inouye. I believe it is the right move for Ed Case. Everyone should be involved in politics and that is why I believe in term limits. There are so many bright individuals out there that perhaps could present new ideas but if we keep these old warhorses in office, we lose touch with today's generation and the ideas they have. I only wish the seniors knew when it is time to call it a career and enjoy life more rather than being carried out of office such as Patsy Mink. The government have age limits for pilots, then why shouldn't we have the same for politicians.

Anonymous said...

Case is a climber. He seeks higher office for the sake of higher office. He supposedly represents neighbor islands, but I have no idea what his vision is. What I do know, looking at his voting record, is that he tends to be too conservative for my tastes. With a legislative, executive, and judicial branch controlled by conservative extremists, we do not need Case's conservative values added to the Senate.

However, I see his attempt to unseat Akaka a good thing, because Case will surely lose and a more progressive democrat from Hawaii will surely replace him in the House.