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Friday, July 08, 2005

Bill Clinton 2.0

This evening I'm continuing the series of potential democrat uniter candidates, what I like to call "Bill Clinton 2.0". So, here is the second profile;


FULL NAME: Wesley Kanne Clark
BIRTHPLACE: Chicago, Illinois
AGE: 61
RELIGION: Presbyterian (Born half-Jewish, raised Baptist, converted to Catholicism when he married, but is now Presbyterian)
EDUCATION: West Point Military Acadamy (1st in his class), Oxford University Rhodes Scholar
PREV. EXPERIENCE: U.S. Army, 1966-2000; Vietnam War Veteran (Silver Star, Two Bronze Stars, Purple Heart); Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1994-1996; Commander-In-Chief, U.S. Southern Command; NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Commander-In-Chief of U.S. European Command, 1997-2000; 4 Star General.
CURRENT ANALYSIS: While he's never held political office, Wes Clark is a national contender. He directed President Clinton's successful 1995 war in Kosovo, and was NATO's military commander for 3 years. He ran in 2004 for President, and while he only won the Oklahoma primary, and placed third in Tennessee, he was a prolific fundraiser, raising $11,000,000 in the last quarter of 2003. He dropped out of the race in February of 2004, and was on Kerry's shortlist of VP possibilities, and had John Kerry won the election, Clark would have been a likely choice for either Secretary of Defense, Veterans' Affairs, or Homeland Security. Since the election, Clark has been an analyist for Fox News, to keep his profile up.
P2008 ANALYSIS: Wes Clark needs to stake out defined stances on abortion and the Iraqi War. He already had stances on the 2nd amendement (pro), environmental restrictions (pro), and unions (for). He was seen as a Clinton-proxy candidate in 2004, and with Hillary Clinton likely running in 2008, Clark will have to get his own base of support from Clintonites who may not be enthused about Hil. Clark could go toe-to-toe with Republicans like John McCain, since his military record is as long as McCain's. He could fight in the south against southerners like Frist and Allen because he claims Arkansas as his home state and is a former General. In closing, Wes Clark can be president if he can get a motivated grassroots base and start raising money early as a "Not Hillary" candidate.

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