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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Strike Up The Band

(Tim Kaine, Jerry Kilgore, Russ Potts)

Great news out of the Virginia Governor's race! According to Mason-Dixon Polling, one of the best polling companies around, Tim Kaine has caught up with (and surpassed) Jerry Kilgore!
The new poll goes like this:

Tim Kaine (D) - 39%

Jerry Kilgore (R) - 38%

Russ Potts (I) - 9%

Now, granted, this is no blow-out election right now, Tim Kaine and Russ Potts are definitly the canididates on the move. The last poll I saw had Potts as 4%, so he is obviously taking people from Kilgore. Always good to hear.
Another thing the poll showed, Virginians are less concerned with guns, gay rights, abortion, and the death penalty, issues which Kilgore is using to energize his base (and alienate the swing vote Republicans who are opting instead for Potts). It was revealed that the people are more concerned with bread-and-butter issues that Kaine is making hallmark issues in his race, jobs, education, and transportation.
One cultural issue which is extremely hotbutton in Virginia, however, is gay adoption. Potts supports adoption privilages for gay couples, while Kaine says he would restrict it to single gay people, while Kilgore opposes all gay adoption.
Further, the poll showed that 64% approved of the job Governor Mark Warner was doing (hopefully Warner can give some of his popularity to his chosen successor, Kaine). It also showed that 74% of people said Virginia is on the rigt track.
Well, it appears to me that the tide is turning. Everyone in Virginia who reads this should go to the link on the side of the page and get involved in Tim's campaign and help carry on the success of four years of the Warner-Kaine administration!
I'll be talking about Creigh Deeds versus Bob McDonnell for attorney general very soon.
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Kenton Ngo said...

Despite the Republican assertion that the sky is falling on Virginia, people say Warner's been doing a good job keeping us on the right track. Good for Kaine.

Neal said...

Absolutely correct Kenton. Warner has astronomical approval ratings, and I just hope (as you do, I'm sure) that some of it will carry over for Kaine. Warner needs to put aside 2008 for a few months and barnstorm the state for Kaine.