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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Duck Has Claws


(from left: Tim Kaine, Jerry "The Duck" Kilgore, Russ Potts)

In today's "ultra top-secret" debate for Virginia Governor, held at 10:30 a.m. in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, Jerry "the Duck" Kilgore, the GOP's nominee, showed he can be mean. He called the city of Richmond, of which Tim Kaine was Mayor, "a cesspool of corruption." He agreed with his campaign's allegations that Tim Kaine and his supporters were "enemies of faith, family, and freedom," and that Kaine will "take away your right to worship freely," and so forth. COME ON!!! It seems to me that Kilgore is attacking Tim Kaine because Kaine is a Catholic. This isn't what I would call responsible on Jerry Kilgore's part. Kaine's response was initially, "So much for positive campaigning," and said he would try to "stay on the high ground."

Jerry Kilgore was highly rehearsed, repeating his little catchphrases "Let me be clear," and "always have, always will," so often and in the same tone that even his supporters started giggling at him. Come on, Jerry...

Of course since it was some kind of secret, I didn't attend, but I'm going on what someone I know who did attend told me, so I can't tell you who won.

In other debate news, Tim Kaine and Russell Potts have both agreed to a meet the candidates forum in September in Gate City (Jerry Kilgore's hometown, mind you), but Kilgore turned it down, saying it was a trick to make his brother look bad. (!) For clarification, Jerry Kilgore's twin brother, Terry Kilgore, is a Republican State Delegate who faces very stiff opposition this year from Democratic candidate Rex McCarty. I just can't understand Jerry Kilgore's reasoning sometimes (okay, actually most of the time I can't).

Yeah, okay, so I can't seem to ever get to the Supreme Court. I will eventually...

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Rick said...

Jerry said it was a trick because the invitation comes from the Scott County Chamber of Commerce (a pro-Kilgore institution if ever there was one), which has always offered its 'debates' with assistance from the Scott County Virginia Star. The two organizations have been doing this for years, now.

Although the Star doesn't moderate the event, and would mainly be providing refreshments before the 'debate' the fact that the newspaper is linked to Rex McCarty (he's the former publisher) gives Jerry yet another reason (I mean excuse) to duck out.

I wonder what would happen if Kaine and Potts both debated here, but Jerry continued to refuse? what d'ya wanna bet that the 'duck' label would start sticking even in his hometown?