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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Can A Farmer From Montana Be President?

Can a Montana farmer be President? Well, a Texas cowboy can, so...Why not? Here's the fifth in my series of "Bill Clinton 2.0" candidates, Brian Schweitzer.


CURRENT OFFICE: Governor of Montana
BIRTHPLACE: Havre, Montana
AGE: 49
RELIGION: Protestant
EDUCATION: Colorado State University, Bachelor's in Agronomy; Montana State University, Master's in Soil Science.
PREV. EXPERIENCE: U.S. Senate Candidate, 2000.
CURRENT ANALYSIS: Brian Schweitzer was elected in 2004 to replace outgoing republican Governor Judy Martz. He defeated Secretary of State Bob Brown by a vote of 51%-47%. Since taking office, Governor Schweitzer has made prescription drugs, agriculture (Schweitzer is a former farmer), and fighting the Montana wildfires his hallmark issues. In 2000, Schweitzer, than a member of a USDA Board in Montana, ran for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Senator Conrad Burns. Although he lost, Schweitzer lost by an unusually close margin, 50%-46%.
P2008 ANALYSIS: Brian Schweitzer is a maverick. Can't think of someone else labeled "maverick" to compare him to? On the GOP side, think of Senator John McCain; on the Democratic side, think of the late Senator Paul D. Wellstone. Mavericks sell very well in presidential races, and Schweitzer would be no exception. Schweitzer could buy into Howard Dean's 2004 race, since he is a poulist and seems to be an excellent fundraiser. He could also go over well with rural voters, since he has a folksy demeanor to him (remeniscent of Bill Clinton), and could energize the base, since he's pro-choice. Although he has made very little indication, he does have supporters already. Go to and see what his supporters say.

Okay, this is a complete random picture, but I love it.

Sorry we didn't get to the Supreme Court tonight, but I'll try to get to it along with my Jerry Kilgore rant. Goodnight.

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kathy said...

A farmer from Georgia was... and Shrub is only a cowboy in his fevered imgaination.

Great Jackass pic!