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Friday, July 22, 2005

Don Beyer For Senate

Governor Mark Warner has said several times he will not be challenging incumbent Senator George Allen (R), yet he still outpolls him, usually by a 48%-41% margin. But, with Warner out, who should the Democrats run?

I believe (as do others, apparently; that former Lt. Governor Don Beyer, who for eight years was our state's Lt. Governor, is the man to challenge Allen. Beyer, who lost the 1997 race for Governor to Attorney General Jim Gilmore (R), is currently the owner of the Don Beyer Car Dealership chain, dealing in Volvos, Land Rovers, and Subarus. He is a 1972 magna cum laude graduate of Williams College, with a degree in economics.

(Don Beyer-The man to take down Allen.)

Don Beyer is a moderate/progressive democrat, and he would be an excellent candidate. He was Howard Dean's 2004 Presidential campaign treasurer, so I'm sure the DNC, and now-Chairman Dean will gladly support him with funds for the race.

George Allen is a sort-of likable person to talk to in person, but he is not what Virginia needs in the U.S. Senate. He has become basically a rubber stamp for President Bush, and his speeches on the Senate floor, while folksy, are hateful and stinging, and not representative of the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia. And to combat a likely 2008 Presidential run, we need to take him out come November 2006. Don Beyer is the man for the job.

Now, let me say I'm a protestant, but I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the late Pope John Paul II. The Pope was a very intelligent man; See the picture below for complete verification.

I'm going to talk about the race for Attorney General of Virginia, as well as the race for Senate across the stateline, in my birthstate of Tennessee.

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