Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will one day be the majority. - William Jennings Bryan

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

B.S. Protector, Etc.

It's late tonight, so let me be brief.

Nice name, huh? BlueinVa talked over on his blog that liberal Virginia bloggers should join together like the Conservative bloggers are doing. He got hit pretty hard in the comments section, but I voiced my support, and do again tonight.

We need to work together to get things done. Somebody called it "herding cats," and they're about right (didn't Trent Lott use that as his book title, too?). If not a full fledge PAC then at least a neat little graphic and a section to link to everybody else. What say you? (Or, as I would say in normal conversation, "What say y'all?")

I found this picture on Swing State Project. Let me preface it by explaining that George W. Bush spoke to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention recently, and this old soldier seems to have the right idea. SSP says his name is Bill Moyer, and he lives in Kentucky's 2nd Congressional district. Let's run him for Congress, as a "mature version of Paul Hackett"!

Now, this cartoon I found over at RaisingKaine. It's a pretty daggone funny thing, and I don't think I really need to explain or preface it.

Okay, I'm gone.



Ben Kyber said...

Thanks for the support. Yeah, I think we need to at least connect in the same way the ODBA does. So many Democratic bloggers have denounced that whole thing, but I say whatever spreads the word is a good thing

Brian Patton said...

I notice you reference the Progressive Blog Alliance, you do know that already exists, right?

I was just not sure you did by the way you mention it. Its basically a blogroll and central node. See my page for the blogroll, bottom left.

Blue, its not that people don't agree its a good idea. I think everyone just realizes those things rarely work out. And if its well organized enough to work out, its a PAC.

Keep your head up and hang in there. Besides, you have bigger and better things to work on, that will make a big difference in this election,as we have discussed.

Neal said...

You know, I had never seen that link before on your site. I guess I should pay attention...

Hey Brian, Miss Mullins said she saw you at a family reunion, and you mentioned me! Wow, I'm (semi) notable now! :)

Brian Patton said...

Ha. Yeah, you are well on your way to blogging for fame and riches.

Hope school is going well.