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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Republicans Can Levitate!


(Note: This is NOT William Scranton, III. This is the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; It's next to impossible to find a photo of Scranton.)

I'm turning away from Virginia politics today to discuss former Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania William Scranton, III. Scranton is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination to run in 2006 against incumbent Democrat Ed Rendell. Scranton is also the only candidate who levitates!

According to Politics1 (with a wonderful article on it), Scranton, whose 1986 race for Governor was derailed by the very same problem, is (still) heavily involved in the New Age transcendental meditation movement led by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The Maharishi supports a "Parliament of World Peace," with he as the universal leader, of course. Also, the Maharishi advocates a world currency (Raam). His most famous teaching, however, is yogic flying, in which he states the "truly enlightened" can levitate through his Vedic teachings. Hey, awesome! I wanna see Bill Scranton fly across the room! (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

Now, let me say, there is nothing illegal about Scranton being a transcendentalist. What is wrong is that during his term as Lt. Governor, Scranton put a leader in the Maharishi's movement, Nat Goldhaber, on the state's payroll, briefly serving as State Energy Agency director, focusing on nuclear energy.

The Scranton 2006 campaign denies that Mr. Scranton is involved whatsoever in the movement now, but, according to Politics1, he is still heavily involved. Go to and read the entire story for yourself, as it is far too complicated for me to try to explain, and Mr. Gunzburger over there does an excellent job of it.

(Note: To Danielle, I'm glad you're finally back. I've missed you! Had fun at the bowling alley. It's going to be a good year!)

I'm out, and I'm gone!

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