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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

From The Highlands Festival

(Senator Russ Potts campaigning in Winchester)

Today me and my Dad (his name is Frank, in case you were curious) went to Abingdon to the Virginia Higlands Festival to meet the independent candidate for Governor of Virginia, Russ Potts.

We arrived just after 12:30pm, and had to park on Valley Street, quite a way from the main festival grounds, across from Barter Theatre. It was at least 90 degrees, and neither of us were too excited about walking in the heat, but we did.

We made it to the main grounds, and wandered around, rather aimlessly, just kind of looking around for Senator Potts. We made it all the way to the very back of the grounds, and still no Russ Potts. We were about to give up, and were heading back toward the front, when we saw a young man, probably in his early 20's, carrying several dozen Potts for Governor brochures and a big roll of stickers. Aha, I thought, perhaps we've found something.
My dad, who is extremely outgoing, grabbed him by the shoulder (reminiscent of the way Lyndon Johnson used to interact with people, if that tells you anything) and shook his hand, then asked where Senator Potts could be found. "Actually, I can't find him either," was his response. He had dropped him off near the food court and went to park the car, and didn't know where he had went. So he gave us stickers (I felt like a turncoat, but figured it was good sportsmanship, since he is helping Tim Kaine in the long run) and we went on our way.
We had made it back to the front of the grounds, to the main street, and there he way. Holding court in a circle of at least 30 folks, listening closely as he lambasted Jerry Kilgore and what he called the "free lunch group" of Republicans, who try to keep everyone happy by saying they will both cut taxes and spending, while increasing funding to certain areas of the state government.
Russ Potts is a small person, probably 5'5" or 5'6", but he commands respect all around him. After the crowd had dispersed, we went up to him and began talking to him. He seemed to be impressed with my dad's buildup, "My son knows all about how politics and the government work and he thinks you're the key to stopping Jerry Kilgore," which I do, and I do. Potts then began explaining how polls now have him at 15% (I haven't seen the poll--possibly just an internal poll) and that "35% is the magic number, not 51%," I agree, Senator Potts.
We talked for about 15 minutes or so, then we got a couple of pictures with him, shook his hand again, he took down my phone number (took it down himself, since he had misplaced all his staff) and vowed he would call sometime and we would discuss politics. He shook hands with my dad and smacked him on the back, we said goodbye, and we parted ways.
Now let me reiterate my strong, strong support for Lt. Governor Tim Kaine and his campaign for Governor. Russ Potts is, however, a great person and an excellent campaigner who does have some good ideas. More important, however, is that he could block Kilgore from winning in November if he continues to rise in the polls (if he's at 15%, I would say 10%-12% came from Kilgore's supporters). I will say this, however. If Tim Kaine couldn't win, I would much rather see Russ Potts as Governor than Jerry Kilgore.
(Note: The above photo was NOT taken today, but when I get my film develpoed, I will upload several pictures to the website.)
I'm out and I'm gone.


The Chief said...

So, you only like Potts because he is hurting Kilgore? Sounds like you're using him to me...

Neal said...

Oh no, couldn't be further from the truth.
I like Potts because he is a good man.
He is helpind Kaine in the long run, which is good, but if Kaine should ever make a big fumble and I should strongly disagree with him, I would gladly support Potts as a first choice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Neal,

This is Kyle from Politics1. I have to disagree with you bro, I think Potts, if hes taking a majority of his votes away from anyone, it is Kaine. Potts seams to be running to the left of both Kaine and Kilgore.

BTW, cool blog. All we need now is to get you to be a Republican and it would be perfect ;)