Never be afraid to stand with the minority when the minority is right, for the minority which is right will one day be the majority. - William Jennings Bryan

Monday, August 08, 2005

Until Tuesday...

Hey everybody! Just went and saw "Dukes of Hazzard" (finally), and let me say, yes, it was just like one giant version of the TV show. Junior Brown, the western swing guitar player, was the balladeer (narrator). And here I was thinking Willie Nelson was the narrator. Oh well. He did do a good job, but not quite as good as Waylon Jennings used to do. Overall, I'd give the movie a C+, because there was a tad too much cussing for my taste.

My dad got a call from a polling agency commissioned by WLS-10 fro mRoanoke, asking him about the 2005 Governor's election. He voted "Kaine," "Democrat," No College," Moderate," "Regular Church-Goer," "Pro-life," "Suburban," "Southwest." They were awfully inquizitive people, weren't they? I don't know the results, but I'll let you all know when I do.

Anybody who reads this on a regular basis will remember that my grandfather is 84 years old, and not in good shape. Well, he is back in the hospital with kidney failure and a strange thing showing up in lung x-rays. He's down the road about 30 miles at the veterans' hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee, so I won't have time to start my "New Wave" candidate profiles tonight like I planned, so I'll be putting off all new posts until Tuesday, giving me time to be with my grandfaher, and also to go another 40 miles in the other direction to be with my aunt, who is also in kideny failure at the hospital in Richlands, Virginia. Please, everyone who prays, keep them in your prayers. Thanks.

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HI-D said...

Even though you do not know me, you and your family is in my prayers.