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Friday, August 19, 2005

Payne Out, Now Who?

I received word today that former Congressman L.F. Payne, the 1997 nominee for Lt. Governor, will not be a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006 against George Allen. So now, the question arises, who will it be?

I got on the phone with my source (yes, I actually have a source) and got four names that have been thrown around by the Democratic leaders in Virginia, and seem to be at least moderatley interested.

The envelope, please...

1-State Delegate Chap Petersen-2005 candidate for Lt. Governor, and made an extremely respectable showing. At 37, Del. Petersen is young and energetic, and would make a great U.S. Senator.

2-Arlington County Board Member Walter Tejada-Mr. Tejada was elected in 2003 to the Arlington County Board, and has been a notable guest on the O'Reilly Factor (coming close to making Bill O'Reilly look like the total baffoon he is).

3-State Senator Phillip Puckett-Sen. Puckett, who lives up the road in Lebanon, is probably the most unlikely candidate on the list. I personally can't see him leaving his wife, children, and job at the bank for the second time in such a short time span to run a statewide race for the U.S. Senate. But, it's my understanding he's thinking about it, and I would certainly support him.

4-James Webb-Former Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan, Mr. Webb has been a strong Iraqi War critic, and is definitly a moderate who could also pull miltary support.

Okay, the reason this text is bigger than the rest because I NEED SOME HELP HERE! In my A.P. Government class on Monday, we're having a Gubernatorial "debate" with studesnt taking on the roles of Tim Kaine, Jerry Kilgore, and Russ Potts (the only time Potts and Kilgore will debate, I'm sure). I'm supposed to be a "reporter" and ask each candidate one question. Suggestions? I need an extremely pointed question for the Republican, a moderatley pointed one for the Independent, and a really nice easy question for the Democrat. Drop em in my guest book!

Alright, I'm gone.

Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!



Anonymous said...

Your source is wrong about those people being contacted

Neal said...

Is it? Well, then I'll have to call back and see what they say again. But later today I had heard a few of the names mentioned over on another Virginia blog.
If I may, what names are you hearing?

Neal said...

Okay, the anonymous person was right, and I was wrong;
Where I got the mix up was--They've been talked about, not talked to. Sorry for the flub.

Anonymous said...
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